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outsource: Let’s kick off with some Moving on Up PR Chandrasekar is the CEO of Hexaware Technologies, a global provider of IT and process outsourcing services. With a growing global footprint and a blossoming reputation within its focus areas, these are exciting times for Hexaware – but it’s no time to rest on the organisation’s laurels, says the man in charge… background: can you tell us a little about Hexaware and the organisation’s evolution? PR Chandrasekar: We’re about 20 years old – in fact, we just celebrated our 20th anniversary. We are one of the top 20 IT services companies in India and we have about 6,600 employees spread over almost 32 countries. The primary market we service is North America, which is about 67 per cent of our revenues; Europe is our next big chunk – about 28 per cent give or take, depending on the quarter – and the rest is APAC: Australia, Japan and recently we have started doing some business in India as well. We are fairly focused in terms of the areas in which we operate and for a company of our size – maybe because of our size – we are quite innovative in terms of the solutions and ideas we present to our clients. Like most global sourcing companies there is a mix of onsite and offshore in anything that we do. Actually our onsite component tends to be a little bit higher compared with other companies in our sector – so if we are involved in enterprise solutions like a large PeopleSoft project or a business intelligence/analytics engagement we tend to be little more onsite-centric than other companies. Geographically, our biggest presences would be India, North America, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. A few years ago we set up a presence in Mexico for both acquiring customers and importantly, acquiring talent; we have set up a small operation in Ostrava in the Czech Republic; and we will set up something in China too. In terms of growth geographies, many of the customers we deal with – once they make that emotional leap to, first, outsource, and after outsource to offshore – the next question is: “Where do I get the best people and where do I get the cheapest price?” Until then there is a feeling that “I want to touch them, feel them, look at them” – but once they move past that, the reality is that places like India do produce good talent, costwise it is still competitive and – particularly Hexaware Technologies was founded in 1990; by 2009/10 it had annual revenues of $218 million. 62 www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk ●●●●● http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

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