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THE BACK END SOURCEBITES Sourcebites Each issue the Outsource community responds to a question based on one of the big issues of the day. This time round, in keeping with our cover theme, we’ve asked: what does cloud mean to you and for your organisation? n Helping clients with a combination of cloud-based and on-premise technology solutions Paul Liu, Freeborders n Cloud allows us to deliver service, security, resilience and performance to SME customers which was previously outside of their price range. Rob Rutherford, QuoStar Solutions n In near future clouds will change the notion of “IT & applications infrastructure” and essentially decrease related TCOs @Infopulse_ua n Cloud is a potential GAME CHANGER of the decade. It threatens smokestack delivery models and challenges the OPEX spends in enterprises Srinath Murthy, ITC Infotech n In two years my entire business will be run out of the cloud. My savings will be, literally, existentially important. Philip Rogers n Cloud for Hallmann means Dropbox. Sharing an office filing cabinet between London and Cheltenham (and wherever) seamlessly. @CarolMann n Cloud gives us business freedom. It enables us to be adaptable and flexible in our environment whilst providing a cost effective alternative John Stevenson, FusionExperience n The Cloud allows companies 2 treat computing infrastructure like a utility –pay 4 what u need, when u need + get s/w where needed instantly @sugarcrm n Cloud entails a shift from selling a product to selling a service. IT now becomes a resource to be consumed. Cloud changes everything. Mateen Greenway, HP n An opportunity to bring more flexibility, more creativity and more productivity to the workplace of our clients. Dr Lee Elliott, Jones Lang LaSalle n To me the cloud should simplify your life. We will be tethered to a device, but it should be 1 device that can do it all. @KellyLux n The cloud can offer profound change to the way you do business - but apply caveat emptor. Always check who is responsible for security! Adrian Davis, ISF n Cloud is the means not the end. But it’s a pretty good means! John Harris n The cloud means kogan. co.uk is ready to go anytime, anywhere, delivering better service & always providing the best prices for tech products @ruslankogan n Regardless of technology, the process and methodology for software testing and quality management in the cloud remain consistent. Rob McConnell, SQS GET IN TOUCH oughts from urce features th Each issue Outso who make up gust individuals some of the au s, tweeters, mmunity: reader g the Outsource co other networkin dIn and bers of our Linke ment mem to com e we’ve invited n groups, and thos Of course, this ca the day. on the issues of e debate th ent a fraction of only ever repres rough the taking place th n ep and conversatio /7/365, so to ke channels 24 orementioned af us: up to date, join azine.co.uk w.outsourcemag Web: ww cemag Twitter: @outsour bit.ly/ & Advisors http:// LinkedIn: Users dvisors OutsourceUsersA urceVendors tp://bit.ly/Outso Vendors ht @therealzooeyd: Apple: It’s like this ‘cloud’ that stores all your music and stuff. Me: okay hippies, just take my money already. www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk 111 ●● ●●●● http://www.twitter.com/sugarcrm http://www.twitter.com/infopulse_ua http://www.twitter.com/kellylux http://www.kogan.co.uk http://www.kogan.co.uk http://www.twitter.com/carolmann http://www.twitter.com/ruslankogan http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk http://www.bit.ly/ http://www.bit.ly/OutsourceVendors http://www.twitter.com/therealzooeyd http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Outsource Magazine Issue 24

Editor's letter
News & comments
Seeing through the cloud
Steve Forbes
Embracing a lean culture in recruitment
The roar of the crowd
Andrew De Cleyn
Greening the chain
Private properties
NOA round-up
PR Chandrasekar
Ten ways to shake your world
Matt Barrie
Roundtable: an excellent process
The talent question
Transition and change
Never the twain
Setting the standard
Touching base
Top ten
The legal view
HfS research
Online round-up
Inside source
The last word

Outsource Magazine Issue 24