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29 Sustainability, Safety, Health & Wellbeing December 2011/January 2012 www.esb.ie/em Health&Habitat ESB Athletic Club Update – Marathon Special The eSB AThleTicS cluB would like to wish all our athletes and readers a Very Merry christmas and a happy New Year! it’s been a busy and successful year; the club’s absence from the BhAA league in recent years has been resolved with the gents currently in third and ladies in fifth. Other notable achievements during the year saw John healy break the irish Masters record for 1500m whilst another successful beach race was hosted by eSB. On Bank holiday Monday, a record field Dublin Marathon Round Up Name Shane cooney (eSBi) Fionn Griffin (energy international), Aodhan McAleer (eSB ei) Niall Kearns (eSBi) Brian Gray (eSB ei) Time Marathon Quote 3:07 3:14 3:16 3:20 3:23 Roll on next year! i was on target for 3:12 approx. when i cramped up badly at mile 23 forcing me stop and limp home. A tough day at the office! Saw charlie cronin at 5miles, but clearly he wasn’t offering lifts so i had to run it myself. left everything out there, was close to that PB, but not close enough! Fantastic experience, well organised, volunteers and support along the route were brilliant. Pacers excellent. i returned to the Marathon after a gap of over 25 years! The final few miles were very tough but i was running for a charity, cF, so i knew i just had to finish, no matter what. Still chasing that illusive sub three with a PB of 3.01 “The air may chill, the snow may fall, but the runners passion never cools” First 21 miles went fine but i struggled for the last 5. hoping to improve next year Got home 15 minutes quicker than last year so well happy with the result and have started to plan changes for next year Good race organisation. Some hilly paths but not to bad in overall. Will do it next year, hopefully! First 21 miles was easier than anticipated, but the last 5 was an extreme test! The support of participants and spectators was immense and definitely pushed me over the line. Knowing my family were waiting at the top of the hill in Mount Merrion got me to the 21 mile mark; but beyond there, i was summoning every last drop i had in me to keep running to the finish line. The pain was worth it for that incredible feeling you get rounding Trinity college and sprinting for home. We have extra special prizes for the festive season, ENTER NOW! page 38 Christmas Competitions of 14,500 athletes pounded the long, wet streets of Dublin to complete the 2011 Marathon. upwards of 25 eSB staff took part. conditions were harsh, particularly for those finishing after 4hrs. Some great times and achievements are evident as per the detail later in this article. looking forward to the future, 2012 is going to be Olympic! eSB electric ireland is confirmed as a high profile, official sponsor of Team ireland for the london Olympics. Watch this space for more news! CHRISTMAS IS FAST AppRoACHIng goals. For members who really want to make use of the cutting edge technologies, we now offer metabolic testing and VO2 max testing. A wide range of classes from spin, dance, body conditioning and step ensures there is something to suit all levels of fitness. We are also aware of the quest for value in the current economic climate from a financial and a personal perspective. SPORTScO offers more value to members in a number of ways including • Free monthly member workshops ranging from healthcare to sports psychology. • Free ‘Turbofit’ lunchtime sessions. • Free member fitness challenges. • Pricing strategy based on member needs. • imaginative usage options based on individual requirements • extensive fitness timetable offering over 35 classes per week The main factor however, remains our commitment to Quality and service excellence. high quality standards are imperative in consistently delivering customer satisfaction and these standards and our strategies already outlined have attributed to our success to date, says lorna Brady M.Sc (Mgmt), General Manager, SPORTScO. With the dark evenings upon us, why not make them healthy and fun in the friendly professional atmosphere of SPORTScO. As part of SPORTScO’s commitment to the health & Wellbeing of all eSB Staff and their families, membership is available for €10 per month. n Please contact SPORTSCO at 6687022, info@sportsco.ie or www.sportsco.ie Lorna Brady, Manager SPORTSCO Alan Thompson (eSB Networks - Tuam) Stephen Naughton (eSB ei) 3:28 3:32 Pat Burke (eSB Networks) Shane hughes (eSBi) Dermot Mangan (Business Service centre) Kresimir Jez (eSBi) Tony Dunne John Quinn (eSBi) 3:32 3:36 3.42 3:45 3:50 3:54 chRiSTMAS iS cOMiNG .. BuT We’Re NOT GeTTiNG FAT The christmas goose may be getting fat, but a combination of excellent facilities and experienced staff will ensure SPORTScO members will be lean, fit and energised as we approach the holiday season and new year. Premium facilities such as SPORTScO can offer much more to the member, including a team of experienced fitness professionals to motivate you and help you achieve your health and fitness goals. From free fitness assessments when you join, to regular programme reviews, we will help you reach your personal SPORTSCO COMPETITION Page 38 Stephen Walsh Fergus Keane (eSB ei) 3:56 4:00 laura Thomas (energy international) Seamus Mccoubrey (eSBi) Sean Mulvey (eSBi) 4:00 4:01 4:01 if i’d a penny for every time i heard “it’s all downhill from here”...! The support from the crowd was a huge factor though in keeping up the morale. That was my first marathon and i have to say i really enjoyed it. The camaraderie of the participants and the goodwill of the spectators really went a long in helping me finish the run. Roll on next year. NOTES from the Over the Hills Walkers and scones in Poppies of enniskerry and - yes you’ve guessed it – tea and scones in the Powerscourt Arms hotel, enniskerry. A pretty normal hiking day for our troop! if you would like to join our happy band of hikers for occasional Monday rambles in the Wicklow hills, then contact Dominic on 087 6474629 or email dominiccolbert@ gmail.com. Please note that prospective hikers must be prepared to expect the usual assortment of travails on their Wicklow travels, i.e. potholes, waist-high furze, soggy socks, ankle-deep mud, blistered feet and non-stop moaning! But apart from that, you’ll be grand. n eamonn McWalter (eSB Networks) Anne O’connell (Business Service centre) claire O’Brien (corporate centre) Noel Bollard (eSB ei) conall O’Kane (Business Service centre Jillian conway (eSBi) James Murphy (eSB Networks ) Austin Keegan (corporate centre) 4:02 4:13 4:15 4:22 4:27 4:32 4:54 5:00 i was pretty nervous about hitting the wall so was delighted that didn’t happen. The support from the public and fellow athletes was fantastic and it was worth running into the Phoenix Park just to see charlie cronin and hear his commentary. Amazing! Ran in hope rather than expectation. Was delighted to get around. The buzz was terrific Great experience. The supporters along the route were terrific and really helped. i made the classic error of starting too fast and then running out of steam in the later stages. crowd support was amazing; the best i’ve experienced. i started running this year, it’s been my ambition to do a marathon with no plans to do anymore, but the bug has bitten and if i’m healthy enough i’ll be doing it again Recent BHAA Results • Grant Thornton: eSB 1st class A (D Russell, B Maher, S Naughton), eSB 1st class D (c cronin, J clarke, J Byrne), plus S Walsh • Teachers: eSB 3rd class B (D Reilly, B Gray, c cronin), J Byrne & G coogan also ran for eSB Next BHAA Races • Data Solutions 5 km Sun Dec 11, 2011 • SDcc 2&4 miles Xc Sat Jan 07, 2012 Further information: http://esbnet/athleticclub/ http://sharepoint/sites/Group/CIO/COO/CM/ CSM/SC/ESB_Athletic_Club/default.aspx. ESB AC c/o Matt Reid: 7026671, matthew.reid@esb.ie eSB’S OVeR The hillS Walking Group recently celebrated its 25th monthly Monday hike by trekking a loop of the Glencree Valley, where a glorious sunny day provided panoramic views across Dublin Bay from Greystones to howth. The four-hour hike was ‘sandwiched’ nicely between tea http://www.esb.ie/em http://www.sportsco.ie http://esbnet/athleticclub/ http://sharepoint/sites/Group/CIO/COO/CM/CSM/SC/ESB_Atheletic_Club/default.aspx http://sharepoint/sites/Group/CIO/COO/CM/CSM/SC/ESB_Atheletic_Club/default.aspx

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