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ESB Networks Ltd December 2011/January 2012 www.esb.ie/em 16 Private Drivers’ Handbook – for 2012 Health & Habitat, page 31 Prepay Metering Project ESB NEtworkS rESpoNdS to rEcord floodiNg iN duBliN On MOnday OctOber 24th, dublin experienced its heaviest day of rain since records began in 1954. Over 90mm (3.54inches) of rain fell in a 24hour period and caused widespread flooding. Some of the worst affected areas were: ballsbridge, where the river dodder burst its banks, Harolds cross, dundrum town centre, where the river Slang overflowed, Merrion Shopping centre, parts of tallaght, rathcoole and citywest. Flooding affected a number of eSb minipillars and substations as well as customer-owned installations and houses. roads, rail and Luas were under water making travel difficult. eSb networks emergency crews were on high alert in line with the weather forecast predictions and were dispatched immediately following the first damage calls on Monday evening to the affected locations. In many situations, the eSb networks crews were the first emergency service vehicles on site. between 6am on 24th and 6am on tuesday October 25th, dublin central and dublin South areas received nearly Alan O'Shea (Support), Ivor Sheehan and Sarah O'Donoghue. Networks Technicians attending a training course in Finglas. tHe MInISter FOr communications energy and natural resources, Pat rabbitte td announced on tuesday September 13th that domestic electricity and gas customers experiencing financial hardship will not be disconnected this winter provided they have entered a payment plan or have agreed to the installation of a pay-as-you-go meter. a project was set up by networks It to lead the delivery of a new payas-you-go solution for the electricity market by winter of this year, working with all electricity suppliers and the commission for energy regulation (cer). a Prepayment Supplier Group (PSG), led by the project, was set up to work with all participants in the electricity market and a business Implementation Group (bIG) was set up to work with a broad range of teams in eSb networks. the new solution will allow electricity suppliers and their domestic customers in financial difficulty to agree on the installation of a new payas-you-go meter. customers can then pay for their electricity in advance and contribute towards the reduction of outstanding arrears. the credit comes in the form of a code printed on a voucher, much like credit topups for mobile phones. the meter comes with a separate keypad, which can be used by the customer to enter codes. the keypad can be placed in a convenient position within the customer’s home. this new meter is separate to the existing token meters, which will continue to operate for existing token meter customers. The CER supporting customers in financial hardship the cer is working with all electricity and gas suppliers to ensure that customers in genuine financial hardship are offered every opportunity to manage their electricity bills effectively and avoid disconnection. For example, the cer requires energy suppliers to engage early with customers who are experiencing difficulty meeting their bills and suppliers must offer all such customers the opportunity to enter into a payment plan to work off their energy debt, in advance of any steps to disconnect their supply. the cer has specified that suppliers should only request these pay-asyou-go meters for domestic customers in arrears with their accounts. due to system constraints, a limited number of pay-as-you-go meters will be available over the next year. cer will issue guidelines to ensure that suppliers prioritise the availability of pay-as-you-go meter solutions to those most in need. Ultimately, however, the introduction of smart meters will provide all energy customers with even further flexibility and choice. Within the smart meter programme the cer will look at prioritising the delivery of prepayment solutions. Networks gears up to install meters each supplier upon reaching an agreement with their qualifying customers will submit the meter installation request to Key Pad Management Services (KMS). KMS, which is part of the Scheduling Support centre in cork, will arrange appointments with the customer and the appointments will be scheduled to network technicians nominated by their supervisors in the planner groups. the meter installation programme will ramp up to the national installation rate of approximately 500 per week. this solution should be a viewed as a positive development for eSb networks and the electricity industry as it offers a new solution to dealing with customers’ electricity dept problems. n 500 calls relating to 130 faults affecting more than 5,600 customers. eSb networks staff worked throughout the crisis to ensure system safety and to restore supply in the most effective manner. the vast majority of customers’ supply was restored by that tuesday evening, with a small number left without supply due mainly to damage to their customer-owned assets, which required checking and certification by the customer’s electrician prior to re-connection. considerable follow up works were required in the following days to repair individual connections and to re-connect customers following certification of their wiring. thanks to eSb networks staff for the commitment, professionalism and courtesy shown. Many compliments have been received from customers acknowledging the efforts made and the speed and efficiency of the response. n Just a short note to say thanks for a very prompt and efficient service over the last few days. The incoming supply was damaged by the recent floods, but things improved from then on. A pleasant lady on the phone noted the detail and promised action. Action arrived by way of the ‘A team’ within a few hours and arranged for a temporary link from nextdoor’s incoming service. The team was pleasant and professional. This morning the ‘A2 team’ arrived, located the fault, carried out the required corrective work and were on their way. They were also of high calibre in attitude and ability. We are all quick enough to moan when things are not as they should be, so it’s only fair to compliment when it’s richly deserved. Perhaps you would mention this note to the ‘A teams’. Yours faithfully John Finan, Ballinteer, Dublin John Flynn, Shane Goodwin and Jim O’Mahony. darren Molloy graduation Queen’s University graduate Darren Molloy is the son of ESBN Project North HV Station Design and Delivery Supervisor John J Molloy, and Rosaleen Molloy of Tullyard, Monaghan. Darren recently graduated from the Belfast university with a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Darren is a past pupil of Saint Macartan’s College, Monaghan. He is currently employed in Project Management and Electrical Engineering Design, HV Sub Stations, with Powerteam UK in Belfast. Sarah receives bronze in black belt finals Sarah O’Donoghue has recently achieved a Bronze Medal in the Black Belt Finals of Ireland’s Shotokan Karate Championships. Pictured with Sarah above is Sensel Barry O’Regan, 5th Dan Black Belt, of the Rising Sun Karate Club in Cork. It is with thanks that Dundrum Town Centre Management must acknowledge the professional support received from a number of your staff on the night of 24th/25th October 2011. At the time there was an unprecedented emergency in Dundrum Town Centre with a combination of local area flooding and overtopping of the River Slang that breeched our building defences and entered the Town Centre. This letter is not just about the delivery of a professional service but more about the understanding that all of your staff members had for these challenging circumstances for Dundrum Town Centre. Within a few minutes we had a response from various ESB representatives and the collectiveness of their support and understanding provided us with the ability to stabilise and restore power in the Town Centre in an effective manner. Thank you all for your support and assistance in this emergency situation and I would be grateful if you will pass on our appreciation to all concerned. In addition, we respectfully wish your Chief Executive, Padraig McManus, every happiness on his oncoming retirement while acknowledging that you leave behind a team of professional people.” Don Nugent , Centre Director, Dundrum Town Centre http://www.esb.ie/em

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