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2 NEWS December 2011/January 2012 www.esb.ie/em Editor’s desk BERNiE HEAly to the December/January issue of EM. Staff Survey pays out for ElectricAid letter to the editor Together with my daughter Alyson Ann and her husband I would like to thank the staff for the very kind reception accorded to us when we visited Number 29 recently. We were in that part of the city mainly because the river cruise boat we had been on earlier in the day could not return to its starting point due to the sea state and low bridge clearance problems. Number 29, Lower Fitzwilliam Street. So by sheer coincidence I find myself in Fitzwilliam Street in a house once owned by my Great, Great Grandmother! As soon as the tour guide mentioned the name Beatty and the place Wexford the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end! The copy of the Beatty family tree given to me is an absolute treasure, something I have wanted for years. I had no idea of the centuries long family connection with Dublin - my own birthplace before being brought up in Kilcarberry near Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. I would speculate that when Great Great Grandma Olivia left No. 29 in 1806 she went to Healthfield, near Killurin, Co. Wexford and that when she died she was buried in the family vault in the churchyard. At about this time the family moved to Borodale near Enniscorthy – from where the Admiral took his title. Alyson will project our branch of the family tree showing her direct line from Olivia to the present day. A copy will be sent to you in due course. (My grandfather was Philip Vandeleur Beatty). Please accept my sincere thanks for a memorable experience. Never to be forgotten. Yours faithfully, Richard Beatty, Surrey, England hello and welcome EM would like to wish Chief Executive Padraig McManus and his family well on his retirement and to thank him for his support over the years. We welcome our new Chief Executive, Pat O’Doherty, and look forward to continuing our work with Pat in his new role into the future. Christmas in years past in Ireland was often associated with the return of loved ones, husbands, sons and daughters coming back from foreign parts where they had gone to find work. Most of those returning would probably have been in the UK, as those further afield would have found it too expensive. Money was scarce, so they would come by boat, the majority having travelled long and onerous journeys by train to holyhead to make the crossing. Those were the days before high-speed comfortable travel when passengers spent the night being violently sick in conditions unsuitable for cattle travelling on the Irish Sea. homes would generally be filled with anticipation, candles lit on deep window sills, Christmas tree in the corner, blazing fires and an extra effort put in to have special treats – all in anticipation of the coming ‘visitors’. Sadly, we now find the situation has again become somewhat similar. The only difference these times is that air travel is within reach of most people, and email, mobile phones and Skype means that families are no longer inaccessible - a big change from seeing people queue outside the one phone box in many villages on winter nights, waiting to make or receive a call from a loved one. Though the call may only have been from London, it might as well have been from Sydney. What is it about home that even adult children like to come back to it, especially at Christmas, and what do they feel they are missing if it’s not possible? I asked somebody recently who had been in England for over 50 years. I pointed out that it was hardly the partying or the extravagant celebrations as they were outside most people’s reach in those days. he looked at me and said poignantly ‘It was home’. a happy and peaceful Christmas to you all and those you hold dear to you. The recent Staff Survey was more than a ‘nice little earner’ for ElectricAid. ESB’s generous incentive of €3 per return produced a very good return rate and a cheque for €10,600. The timing was excellent for ElectricAid, whose finances have been under pressure with ever-increasing applications from Ireland and from all over the Developing World. ElectricAid expressed sincere thanks to ESB for a very generous gesture in these hard times. eSB Benevolent association agm The annual general meeting of the ESB Benevolent Association for 2009 and 2010 will take place in meeting room DG43, ESB Head Office, at 5pm on Thursday January19th. All are welcome to attend. draw results SporTSCo draw reSulTS OCTOBER 2011 PRIZE NAME €3,000 John Duffy, Retired €1,500 June Sherlock, Retired €500 Mary Collins, head Office €200 Margaret McGrath, Retired €200 Colman Morrissey, Retired €200 Patrick Fahy, Retired €200 John Cullen, Retired €200 Francis Power, Retired NOVEMBER 2011 PRIZE NAME €3,000 Michael Larrissey, Retired €1,500 Paul Thompson, Retired €500 Mary Bunyan, Tralee €200 Dianne Dowling,Turlough hill €200 Phil O’Malley, Castlebar €200 audrey hamilton,VSS €200 Jane Lloyd, Retired €200 William hanlon, Longford Making sense of a changing world Page 40 how to make the most of IT by Eddie Nally Make the most of IT !! Creating a Distribution List in MS Outlook ! EM welcomes news, views, articles, letters, photos and feedback on any topic. All submitted articles should preferably be e-mailed. please contact: Bernie Healy, Editor T (01) 702 7402 (office) extn. 27402 (internal) M 087 261 5514 F (01) 676 0727 internal outlook address: Healy.Bernie external email address: Bernie.healy@esb.ie Closing date: Competitions and crosswords must be returned by Jan 18th 2012. Deadlines: The deadline for articles, photos, etc. for the next issue Jan 18th 2012. we are always delighted to receive items for publication. Published by EsB Corporate Communications. Produced by Zahra Media Group First Floor, Zoe House, Church Road, Greystones, Co. wicklow. E custom@zahrapublishing.com www.esb.ie The views expressed in EM are not necessarily those of EsB. XX% If you are regularly corresponding with a large group of people via E-mail, a distribution list is probably what you need to address your mail message much quicker. When you create a distribution list, you can store all your recipients names under one group name, so when you need to send a message to that group of people, you only need to select the group name in the message “To” or “Cc” header fields. Step 1: Click on the selector arrow right beside the “New” button and click on “Distribution List”. Step 2: Enter a Name for your List and click on the “Select Members” button. Step 3: Using the Global Address List and/ or Contacts search, double-click on each person that you wish to add. Step 4: When you have all your names/email addresses selected, click on the OK button. Step 5: From now on, to send a mail to this group just locate the Distribution List name in your contacts folder when you are creating a new mail message. Anne Deignan Administrative Assistant T (01) 702 6282 (office) extn. 26282 (internal) UCT LABELLING GUIDE M 087 280 6615 (mobile) F (01) 676 0727 internal outlook address: Deignan.Anne external email address: Anne.deignan@esb.ie LOGO Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX eSB supports recycling www.repak.ie please recycle this paper 100 MS1 MS2 MS3 AUGUST 2011 PRIZE NAME €2000 Richard Brophy €150 John Mitchell €150 Declan Reilly €150 John M Clancy €150 Mary O’Connell €150 Brendan Farrelly SEPTEMBER 2011 PRIZE NAME €2000 Joan Guiltenane €150 John Kernan €150 Mark Cregg €150 John Carton RE1 MS4 MS5 €150 Brendan Farrelly €150 Bridie Kieran XX% reSulTS oF madSoC draw Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX COLOUR Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Networks Training Centre http://www.esb.ie/em http://www.esb.ie http://www.fsc.org http://www.repak.ie

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