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12 December 2011/January 2012 www.esb.ie/em Services and Electric Ireland Tweeting for a treat! Happy 60th Birthday at Erne Stations Energy International Page 23 SEAI AWARDS Spark of Genius winners Redeem and Get. Spark of Genius Trophy (aka Mahawk Mary). ESB Electric Ireland at the Dublin Web Summit David Melinn, Social Media Executive What Do you get if you cross twitter with top notch coffee? those who gathered around our tweet Café at the recent Dublin Web Summit were fortunate enough to find out. hailed as ‘très originale’, ‘imaginative’ and ‘yang unik’ (Indonesian for ‘unique’), the concept kept onlookers from across the globe captivated, while the coffee - well, kept them caffeinated. and with the sheer amount of illustrious online figures speaking at this year’s event, from the worlds of youtube, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, a good coffee (or several) would be needed to keep up the energy and soak up the information. the idea was simple, effective and very popular: tweet for a treat. armed with your iPhone or android Smartphone (or anything that supports twitter), all you had to do was peruse the ‘windows’ of available treats (be it a coffee/brownie combination, or a more modest water) and then tweet it in the following format: #tweetcafe13 or #tweetcafe21 or whatever treat happened to tickle your fancy. your twitter profile would then pop up on the screen next to the stall, and the window with your treat would seamlessly pop open. Voilà! of course, the real magic took place behind the scenes, where hard-workers from agency.com, abtran and ESB Electric Ireland (dubbed oompa-Loompas for the day) made sure the cogs of the operation kept turning. I was one such oompa-Loompa, and can vouch for the fact that we didn’t get overly distracted by the treats we had to keep stocked up. Let me emphasise ‘overly’. the tweet Café wasn’t, however, our only attraction at the summit. a certain Risteárd Cooper, of aprés Match, was present in holographic form, greeting visitors with his hilarious impressions as they poured in the main entrance. he even turned up in person at the event, most likely to check the fidelity of our hologram. as the two day event came to a close, attendees were still wondering who would win the coveted Spark of Genius award, worth €40,000. as official sponsors, ESB Electric Ireland was proud to announce the lucky winner, so up stepped annette Ní Dhaothlaoi to dispel the suspense. Behind her, a super-sized screen loomed, showing the live feed of our @ElectricIreland twitter channel. as annette uttered the words ‘… and the winner is’ she gazed expectantly over her shoulder. the giant screen was refreshed, and the audience held their breath. a new start-up company, Redeem and Get, was awarded the prize and presented with a rather unconventional trophy (nicknamed Mohawk Mary) as a token of their victory. this finalé capped a fantastic two-day event in which ESB Electric Ireland was the talk of the event at the very summit of innovation. n Tweet for a treat! Brid Horan Executive Director Services and Electric Ireland, Liam Molloy General Manager Electric Ireland and John Drinan CRM with Kerry County Council representatives following their successes at the ESB Electric Ireland sponsored Sustainable Energy Awards 2011. Organisations entering the awards this year made energy savings of €23m during the course of their participation. The awards are organised by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. car SharInG SchEmE launchED Swift Square is: www. carsharing.ie/ESBDublinSantry, and the Password is 99esbsa. Benefits of car sharing include; • Saving money on fuel • Saving money on tolls • helping to reduce demand for car parking • Meeting new colleagues • Reducing stress of driving to work If you are already car sharing we encourage you to register your details with the scheme to enable other colleagues to join your car sharing pool and save you even more money! the car sharing website contains information on frequently asked questions and provides a step by step guide to registering your details and how to start searching for a potential car share partner. the scheme is only available to ESB employees so you must have an ESB domain name to use the scheme. n The car share scheme forms part of ESB’s commitment of being one of the National Transport Authorities Smarter Travel Workplaces for further information visit www. carsharing.ie/ESBDublinSantry John Cunningham and Jim Wynne, existing car sharers. Jim Wynne with Tim Hartnett at the launch. Executive Director Services and Electric Ireland, Brid Horan, and Edel McCarthy with the Tweet Cafe Crew (l-r): Mairéad Walsh, Sean Walsh, David Melinn, Philip Murphy and Chris Rycraft. ESB ELECtRIC IRELaND officially launched the site’s new Car Sharing Scheme on the 8th November by ted Browne ESB Financial Controller and Rhian Lewis from the National transport authority. the photos above features existing car sharers John Cunningham and Jim Wynne. the car share scheme which is available for all ESB employees is aimed at helping staff reduce costs associated with driving to and from work. ESB supports the use of sustainable travel options such as walking, cycling and public transport. We are aware that these options are not available to all our staff. Car sharing is a more sustainable way of driving to work. the car sharing scheme will enable staff who need to drive to work as well as those who are struggling to reach work by a non car mode. the car sharing link for staff in GaS BoIlEr SErvIcE STaff offEr €59 for Gas Boiler Service to all ESB Staff who are existing or new ESB Electric Ireland Gas Customers Following the recent launch of ESB Electric Ireland’s gas boiler service and repair service, we are delighted to offer a special and can save you money on your heating bills by being more efficient. A regularly serviced boiler is price for a gas boiler service to all ESB Staff, VS or pensioners who are safer, more efficient, and less likely Electric Ireland gas customers. You to let you down. All ESB Electric Ireland’s boiler work is carried can sign up today to avail of this out by RGII – Approved Gas offer. Installers in compliance with all Having your boiler serviced annually is an essential way to keep Irish Standards. Furthermore, ESB your central heating running safely Electric Ireland is the only energy supplier to carry out a combustion and efficiently during the winter efficiency test when servicing months. Regular boiler servicing your boiler as recommended by improves the safety of your boiler the SEAI. You can avail of this special gas boiler service offer by calling today on 1850 372 333 and quoting your Staff Number. Staff who have not yet switched to ESB Electric Ireland for their gas supply can call our residential team on 1850 30 50 90 to switch today to avail of this gas boiler service offer. Please note that you must quote this offer and identify yourself as staff, VS or as a pensioner and provide your staff number when you call. Payment for the service must be made via debit or credit card at the time of booking your appointment. You will be offered morning or afternoon appointment slots at the time of booking your appointment; the services may take up to 28 days for delivery subject to demand. This offer is valid until 20th January 2012 terms and conditions apply to this offer. For full terms and conditions see www. electricireland.ie/gasboilerlaunch http://www.esb.ie/em http://www.carsharing.ie/ESBDublinSantry http://www.carsharing.ie/ESBDublinSantry http://www.carsharing.ie/ESBDublinSantry http://www.Agency.com http://www.carsharing.ie/ESBDublinSantry http://www.carsharing.ie/ESBDublinSantry http://www.electricireland.ie/gasboilerlaunch http://www.electricireland.ie/gasboilerlaunch

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