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The Back end Online ROund-up Online Round-Up Each quarter the Outsource website features a huge range of articles from both regular columnists and occasional contributors – and each issue we showcase some of the best efforts from the latter community here in the magazine. Remember: if you’re reading this in our digital format you can click on the URLs to go straight through to the article proper. If you’re holding the print mag, well, you’ll just have to type them in… Q3 TPI Index: the findings... by Duncan Aitchison The TPI Index, a quarterly snapshot of the global outsourcing market, allows us to identify trends and to track key developments in the outsourcing marketplace over time. So far this year, we have seen a generally steady performance in a wider economic environment that has been somewhat tumultuous. http://bit.ly/ OMOnlineDec1209 Some thoughts on the legal market in Belfast Now, where did I put your data? (Parts 1 & 2) by Ian Moyse When considering cloud the inevitable security questions arise around where your data centres are, what happens to my data and how I can ensure the decision I am making does not expose us to risk. Blatantly ignoring cloud in today’s competitive environment is not a viable option and nor should it be. Cloud is disruptive and is changing the way we do many things, but its form factor inherently delivers us more choice and flexibility to service an ever-demanding user base pushing for mobile device access, easier interfaces and rapid change. There are a multitude of security areas that encroach on cloud solutions, varying based on whether you adopt a public, private or hybrid cloud approach and whether you use SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). http://bit.ly/OMOnlineDec1202 & http://bit.ly/OMOnlineDec1204 by Andrew Burgess The first time I visited Belfast, over 20 years ago, the Troubles were still at full tilt and my over-riding feelings were of a friendly, but particularly edgy, city. On my recent return, I found that the city has been transformed into a vibrant commercial centre... http://bit.ly/ OMOnlineDec1201 Consendre mod eugait alit luptati sisisisit augait num iusti facidunt ipsumsan el eraestrud exerat ad onulla cor ing eumsandre ex elit “The internet is a great way to get on the net.” – Bob Dole atetue tet ulla feu feum niamconEm ea commodiam ad tem dolortio Utat lum quisim et, quissi.Volobore m iurero dolobore. 108 ●● ●● www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk http://www.bit.ly/OMOnlineDec1209 http://www.bit.ly/OMOnlineDec1202 http://www.bit.ly/OMOnlineDec1204 http://www.bit.ly/OMOnlineDec1201 http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Outsource Issue 30

Peering through the fog
Who moved my world
Bringing on the beeb
Courting the commentariat
Everyone is responsible
Our survey says
Fast money
Smarten up
Seeing the biggest picture
NOA round-up
Embracing enterprise innovation
Customer matters
Application development outsourcing
India: rules for offshoring
Talent gap
The Professionals
Book learning
The outsourcing jigsaw
The legal view
Top ten
NelsonHall round-up
Online round-up
The deal doctor
Inside source
The last word

Outsource Issue 30