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Contents 4 8 BuSineSS rOund-up FeaTureS a Values-driven Company Introducing our values: Resourceful, Engaging, Respectful. Spring 2011 HeaLTH & WeLLneSS SuppLeMenT Get fit, quit smoking and fight cancer with our Health &W ellness supplement. health & Issue 2 | Spring 2011 your guide to keeping fit and staying healthy at Bord na Móna fight against cancer with these self examination tips EARLY DETECTION GET FIT GET RUNNING BORD NA MÓNA’S UPDATE > Health screening at Bord na Mona Transform yourself before the summer season begins a round-up of news from around the company including: Feedstock, Resource Recovery, Horticulture and Fuels. PLUS + SPRING RECIPE + WIN A BREAK FOR TWO + QUIT SMOKING 10 12 14 16 18 a Bright Future Gabriel D'Arcy, CEO, discusses the importance of continuous change for Bord na Móna's future. Snowed under! Despite extraordinary weather, our dedicated staff kept the show on the road throughout the winter. Training & development for performance HR tailors training to employees, and Bord na Móna's needs. Onwards and upwards There are lots of new ideas progressing through the pipeline at innovation. prOjeCT updaTe HeriTaGe updates on important developments and projects around the company including: Board of Directors, IT and intranet. 21 S Competition Winners Heritage Corner Source delves into Bord na Móna's rich history. 22 eMpLOyee prOFiLe naTiOnWide The World at His Feet Kevin McKenna, a machine operator, is a two-time world champion in karate. The winner of the last issue's competition was Pol Pender, wife of Pensioner John Pender, Ballykeane, Geashill, Co. Offaly. Congratulations Pol! See the Health & Wellness supplement for this issue's competition. 24 A nationwide spotlight on special occasions, events and achievements across the company. Source is the nationwide magazine for the staff and stakeholders of Bord na Móna. It is published on behalf of Bord na Móna Plc. Main Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland by Zahra Publishing, 1st floor, Zoe House, Church Road, Greytones, Co. Wicklow. t: 01 255 7566 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission of the publishers or Bord na Móna. M Re cy cle Magazin Source is printed on 100% Recycled paper that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved. It is printed by Cube Printing. Source | 3 es

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6

Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6
A Round-Up of News From Around the Company
A Values-Driven Company
A Bright Future
Snowed Under!
Training & Development for Performance
Onwards and Upwards
Updates on Important Developments and Projects Around the Company
Heritage Corner
The World at His Feet
A Nationwide Spotlight on Special Occasions, Events and Achievements Across the Company.

Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6