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Business Following a detailed review, carried out by a project team drawn from across the company and led by Land & Property, the Board has approved a Strategic Framework for the Future Use of Cutaway Peatlands. While the bogs will continue to be harvested to meet demand for our energy, horticultural and environmental businesses, we need to plan for the future use of lands not required for production. This is a complex task and the framework creates the basis for making decisions about feasible uses for specific areas. These include commercial uses such as wind farms, tourism and also biodiversity, amenity and other appropriate uses. The framework includes a Statement of Intent, setting out the principles that will apply to deciding on future land/bog use. It is intended that this framework will be published shortly and used to inform the national debate on the future of peatlands. In parallel with this work, the Company has established a Decision Framework Group, including round-up representatives from Land & Property and the relevant operating businesses, which agree on the classification of peatland areas as production related, reserve, cutaway, etc. This enables a robust planning process to be followed, under which the necessary actions can be taken, depending on the agreed classification. For example, plans for rehabilitation of cutaway areas can now be put in place and the required statutory consultation process can be undertaken to enable implementation. NEWS AND DEVELoPMENTS FRoM ACRoSS ThE CoMPANy Framework for future use of cutaway peatlands Lisa Fitzharris and Liz Murphy from the telesales division of Bord na Móna Fuels New District heating accounts Fuels and Energy Performance Contracting has secured 143 new District heating accounts. Building on Bord na Móna’s strengths of engineering, customer interface and account management, we are now delivering and billing for heat supply to the honeypark development in South County Dublin. We hope to extend this offering to the marketplace and bring in more business. Energy Performance Contracting acknowledges the significant work by all involved to integrate this service into Fuels and congratulates Telesales on the first run of invoices in January of this year. Summer day at Lough Boora new peat loading tippler buSy at ProcuremeNt Coolnamona peat loading tippler A major milestone in Feedstocks peat supply strategy was reached on 22nd March when a new peat loading tippler was commissioned in Coolnamona. This will be utilised in Derrinlough and Littleton Briquette Factories as well as West offaly Power. The competition for the Mount Lucas and Bruckana wind farms is underway, with tenders currently under technical evaluation by the Powergen team for the combined 120MW project. Procurement is continuing to work with Feedstock on biomass sourcing and supply chain development. horticulture is currently testing a container of coconut hair (coir), sourced in Sri Lanka by Michael o’Sullivan as a potential peat replacement. And, we are at evaluation stage on the horticulture packaging and Group electricity competitions. New webSiteS For eNviroNmeNtal Environmental Europe launched two new websites this February targeting the Irish and UK markets. The Environmental Ireland site features information on the range of water, wastewater and odour abatement products and services available. It also features innovative, customer-focused functionality, including a catalogue and shopping cart for spares and accessories and a self-service Site Specific Report Tool for architects and engineers. The new Environmental UK website, branded as Acorn, will build awareness, facilitate lead generation and engagement with key target audiences and provide information on the product and service offering from the business. Visit the new websites at and to find out more. Downturn hitS the waSte inDuStry The waste industry has been adversely affected by Ireland’s economic downturn. Waste volumes have reduced due to the decrease in economic activity. For instance, the amount of waste material generated by shopping centres has reduced as retail sales have fallen. Meanwhile, prices for waste services have also come under pressure due to increasingly aggressive competition within the sector. Resource Recovery has focussed on reducing costs in order to mitigate the impact of these industry-wide conditions. Waste volumes have reduced 4 | Source Spring 2011

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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6

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