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A Bright Future I t may seem to some people that it’s all change at bord na móna. but for chief executive, Gabriel D’arcy, that’s the point. “change is a continuous process, a state of mind, a mentality. you never get to a destination when you are in a business that is operating in an environment where, because of technology and globalisation, your competitors, customers, suppliers, the rivalry within the business and the marketplace is changing profoundly.” In that time, his greatest achievement is the organisation’s greatest achievement. “We have done an almost 360 degree turnabout in regards to our capability to adapt to and meet what are probably the most challenging economic conditions that the country has seen since the founding of the State.” next on the horizon are a range of small, medium and massive projects. he cites bord na móna’s awareness of Ireland’s impending water shortage. “now, at a national level, there is talk about the need for a national water authority. I feel very confident that’s going to be a significant opportunity for bord na móna.” In other areas, such as energy performance, new contracts have been secured, with the company gaining preferred In February 2008, GabrIel D’arcy took over at the helm oF borD na móna. SInce then, he haS Seen a Sea chanGe In attItuDe, behavIourS, enerGy, practIceS, anD expectatIonS bidder status in another six projects, including the redevelopment of the titanic area in belfast. that is hugely satisfying. It shows our thinking was correct in terms of a coherent strategy to avail of this, all within the context of the contract with nature. our focus on achieving our ambition is really beginning to bear fruit. Q&A Q What are the implications of the McCarthy Report for Bord na Móna? A In the context of the country’s difficult financial situation, the mccarthy report looked at the opportunity for the State to sell 10 | Source Spring 2011

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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6
A Round-Up of News From Around the Company
A Values-Driven Company
A Bright Future
Snowed Under!
Training & Development for Performance
Onwards and Upwards
Updates on Important Developments and Projects Around the Company
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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6