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compAny Bord na Móna has underpinned its strategy to achieve its vision with solid values. these values Build on the legacy of the past and point the way forward A vAlues-driven our vAlues RESOURCEFUL ENGAGING RESPECTFUL We are an equal partner in a special relationship with nature B ord na Móna has identified core values that help to shape how it achieves the objectives inherent in the delivery of the company’s overall vision, the new contract with nature. “these values – resourceful, engaging and respectful - outline how we behave as an organisation, as units within the organisation, how we behave individually, indeed how we behave as individuals even outside the organisation,” says communications Manager, pat fitzgerald. not only do these values build on those that have served the company well in its 75 years, but they reflect the view of the organisation held by people working in Bord na Móna and stakeholders and consumers outside the organisation. “these are now the core values of the company today, and the ones we want to strengthen and work hard on into the future.” the new contract with nature acknowledges that Bord na Móna operates in a market that is dictated by the climate change challenge. “to equip ourselves to deal with that, we have to be resourceful. we must engage with communities and stakeholders, with policy makers at home and abroad. we must treat ourselves, our customers, our greater market place, and our planet with respect, which our business direction is predicated on.” for instance, resource recovery is about reusing that which used to be thrown out. powergen is about reducing the use of peat through the use of biomass. it’s about sustainable energy and wind energy. conventional fuel and horticulture products are gradually being replaced by products based on sustainable materials and the environmental business is clearly in that space. “we are now rolling out a communications workshop to communicate and explain the values that see every employee appreciating the values and their relevance to them. it’s for everybody, all employees, throughout the organisation..” 8 | Source Spring 2011

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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6
A Round-Up of News From Around the Company
A Values-Driven Company
A Bright Future
Snowed Under!
Training & Development for Performance
Onwards and Upwards
Updates on Important Developments and Projects Around the Company
Heritage Corner
The World at His Feet
A Nationwide Spotlight on Special Occasions, Events and Achievements Across the Company.

Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6