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Qa The world aT Kevin McKenna his feeT Roscommon. As a seasonal worker for the last seven years, I work from the end of March until Christmas. I drive different machinery on the bog, including the harvester, miller and ridger. My father worked for Bord na Móna, so I’ve been around this all my life. KevIn MCKennA IS A SeASOnAL wORKeR In MOunTdILLOn whO wORKS AS A MAChIne OpeRATOR On The BOg. he’S ALSO A TwO-TIMe wORLd ChAMpIOn In KARATe Q What doeS your job in bord Q What happenS na Móna entail? on the bog? I’m based in Mountdillon, Bord na Móna’s of get the a group of bogs in Counties Longford and a At the end for March, we start toinvolves bog ready production. That dozing the bog, levelling it, and screw levelling all for about a month. Once the good weather starts, it’s all milling and harrowing the bog. That goes on all summer, though we might have a setback if it rains. For the seasonal workers, that might mean not working every day. From September, it’s all about ditching the bog, screw levelling, more dozing and drawing pipes for drainage. did you Q hoWWeathercope during the bad laSt Winter? It was hard at times, I was still working on a the bog, mostly dozing and drawing pipes. It took a while to warm up the tractors in the 22 | Source Spring 2011

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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6
A Round-Up of News From Around the Company
A Values-Driven Company
A Bright Future
Snowed Under!
Training & Development for Performance
Onwards and Upwards
Updates on Important Developments and Projects Around the Company
Heritage Corner
The World at His Feet
A Nationwide Spotlight on Special Occasions, Events and Achievements Across the Company.

Bord na Móna - Source Issue 6