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14 February/March 2013 www.esb.ie/em BSC and Electric Ireland A REMARKABLE YEAR FOR ELECTRIC IRELAND SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY JUST BEFORE Christmas 2012, Electric Ireland reached the landmark of 10,000 followers on Twitter, having started the year with 1,500 followers. A lot of effort and hard work went into reaching this as part of our goal to develop and promote our full suite of digital channels – especially our Social Media Care channels: Boards. ie and Twitter. We are happy to say that these efforts paid off, as we have enjoyed an increase in traffic to our social media sites and, above all, we have reported an increase in customer satisfaction online. Reaching 10,000 followers was an exciting occasion for us, because building up Twitter followers is done without the assistance of clear call to action via our advertising; it is purely based on engagement and content, and it gives us a great sense of achievement to be at five figures now, especially as we are greatly out-performing our competitors, so… bring on the next 10,000 followers! Customer service and engagement via social media is becoming more and more recognised for its merits as a channel of communication and care – customers find it convenient and easy, and the tone is personable… almost like a chat. It is an ideal way for customers, who do not have time to stop and make a phone-call and possibly be put on hold, to query and resolve issues. And it means being put at the top of the queue and avoiding the waiting time that might be experienced if emailing. It offers a new and considerably different customer experience to the more traditional forms, and is of great appeal to the digital generation. Electric Ireland’s social media aim is to have an online presence for customers to service them at their point of need. Growth of smart phones and broadband in Ireland has seen more and more customers migrate to digital channels for customer service. The growth in Ireland of channels such as Twitter (there are almost 600,000 active Twitter accounts in Ireland, 40% of whom never tweet but just follow and enjoy content from other “Tweeters”) has allowed us to showcase our exceptional customer care with an audience who might not otherwise experience it (non-customers, customers who have never had a reason to call us, journalists etc.) thereby encouraging them to switch to us, stay with us or be positively inclined towards us. We begin 2013 with plenty more followers and a brand new look for our Boards.ie forum. We start the year with a robust plan and look forward to delighting our public in 2013 with entertaining and relevant content. n Electric Ireland Online Store page 16 Positive points for 2012 included the successful Powering Kindness campaign, which resulted in a soar in positive sentiment towards the Electric Ireland brand online and a great engagement (including a staggering 145,000 views of our Powering Kindness video on YouTube). We also enjoyed an increase in traffic on Boards.ie, Facebook likes reached well over 40,000 by the end of the year, an increasing number of customers engaged with us for queries, and there was a multitude of great compliments for our Social Media team, David and Una. All in all, the big campaigns of 2012: Team Ireland, Electric Picnic and Powering Kindness, were well received on Social Media and these resulted in much engagement with online audiences for the Electric Ireland brand. And of course, Electric Ireland won a gong at the Social Media Awards in May! Follow us on Twitter @ElectricIreland, like us on Facebook.com/electricireland and talk to us on Boards.ie: www.boards.ie/ electricireland 7 IT security tips for safe home computing 1 APPROPRIATE SOFTWARE: For home computers, always ensure you have antivirus software installed, real-time scanning is enabled and that the virus definitions are kept up-to-date. The Symantec antivirus software is available free of charge to all ESB staff for use at home. Please see ESBNET for more details. Ensure that you have an appropriate firewall installed and enabled. Most operating systems now install one automatically and the Symantec antivirus software mentioned above installs one also. Finally, consider leaving on automatic updates for your operating system so you can receive new security patches. 2 PORTABLE DEVICES: Consider encrypting any portable devices which might contain confidential or sensitive information e.g. USB Keys, Laptops etc. 3 PASSWORDS: As ever these should never be shared and should not be easily guessed. Try using a pass-phrase instead of a password and remember to add numbers, special characters and mixed cases to make them even stronger. Never use the same password for multiple accounts/ sites as you are effectively putting all of your eggs in one basket. If the password becomes known then access to all your accounts/sites has been compromised! 4 EMAILS: Consider encrypting any confidential or sensitive information in emails that you send. Always think ‘Am I ok with the possibility of other people reading the contents this email?’ 5 ONLINE SHOPPING: If you are buying from a site you have not used or heard of before, do a quick search to see if anyone else has had any bad experiences with them. Remember, when you come to make your payment, always ensure that credit card details etc. are encrypted during transmission. You can do this by ensuring the URL address for the page has the prefix “https” and a “padlock” or similar symbol should have appeared in the web browser when the page loaded. ■ Launch of the new coffee dock in the Head Office Fitzwilliam Restaurant From more than 70 entries, the judges choose the name The Barista Coffee Bar for the new HO coffee dock. ■ BSC award winners The Business Service Centre launched a Recognition Scheme in February 2012. The aim of the scheme is to encourage and recognise excellent customer service, innovation and service delivery by Business Service Centre staff ■ New Sharepoint Site IS SECURITY 8 With an ever greater use of computers, tablets and various other gadgets in the home, along with the risks in being constantly connected to the internet, it is worth taking a quick look at a few tips to help keep it all secure. The seven simple tips outlined below can help protect you against hackers, viruses and other cyber threats. Contents ❱❱ BSC recognition scheme Page 15 The role of IT Governance and Strategy is to ensure ESB adopts best practice ■ Electric Ireland wins two awards at the Irish Sponsorship Awards Electric Ireland was awarded ‘Best Sports Sponsorship’’ and ‘Best Use of TV’ for its sponsorship of Team Ireland for the London Olympics 2012 ■ Electric Ireland Online Store Saving money is something that we all think about at the start of each year so why not combine this with reducing your carbon footprint! 6 WI-FI: With your broadband modem, ensure that Wi-Fi encryption is turned on otherwise anyone in close proximity can gain free access to the internet through it or worse to your home network. Check that the password is strong as your service provider might have used a default weak password. Also, check that your service provider has not put identifiable information like your name or house number on the SSID (the network names you see when you look for wi-fi signals) for all to see. 7 BACKUPS: If anything happens to your device, a backup might be your last chance of getting back that important data. You should be taking regular backups of your important data like photos and personal documents. Finally, consider keeping an offsite copy of the backups just in case. IT Governance – New Sharepoint Site THE ROLE of IT Governance and Strategy is to ensure ESB adopts best practice in: • How it makes and prioritises IT investment decisions, • Manages IT projects • Designs, builds and secures IT systems • Gets maximum value out of IT investments and systems Approximately €50m is spent each year delivering IT Projects. Technology has been critical in facilitating new and/or improved business processes, cost reduction and excellent customer services. The Technology Service Delivery and Investment (SDI) Board was introduced in 2011 as part of a new governance structure to oversee ESB wide IT investments. The SDI is accountable to the BSC Executive Board and is responsible for managing cross-BU ICT Investment and ICT Service issues by understanding, challenging, supporting and monitoring service delivery, investment, future opportunities and benefits. IT Governance and Benefits Realisation is responsible for working with Business Units to provide an ESB framework to support IT Project Investment, Project Management and Benefits Delivery. There are a number of important documents, processes, guidelines, presentations etc. to help and support all staff involved in managing and delivering IT Projects. n All of this information is available in our new Sharepoint site at http://esbmoss/sc/gsict/ itgs/itgovben/default.aspx If you have any questions or queries, please contact Sandra Ryan ext. 27837. http://www.esb.ie/em http://www.Boards.ie http://www.Boards.ie http://www.Facebook.com/electricireland http://www.Boards.ie http://www.boards.ie/electricireland http://www.boards.ie/electricireland http://esbmoss/sc/gsict/itgs/itgovben/default.aspx http://esbmoss/sc/gsict/itgs/itgovben/default.aspx

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