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22 SHARING THE ROAD shared SAFELY Our roads areby drivers of spaces, used February/March 2013 www.esb.ie/em Health & Habitat SAFE DRIVING Grainne Coogan Image in-box a selection of your photography 1 3 Motorists Make sure you can see clearly. Keep windows and mirrors clean, de-misted/ de-iced. Wipers should be checked for wear and tear, and replaced if necessary. Use your daytime running lights so that you too are visible. If blinded by low lying sun or if your visibility is reduced at all, slow right down, to a stop if necessary. different types of vehicle. Always be aware of the vulnerability of cyclists. Drivers often fail to spot vulnerable road users when turning blind bends, reversing, pulling out at junctions, changing lanes and turning left into side roads. Make sure to slow right down while carrying out manoeuvres, and to look twice, check mirrors twice and allow space and time for the unexpected. Cyclists Maximise your visibility. Use good lights (white at the front, read at rear) that are visible to motorists, make eye contact with drivers when you plan to manoeuvre, to be sure they have seen you. Wear light coloured, preferably high-visibility clothing and always wear a helmet. Be aware of what is going on around you, both in front and behind. Ride a straight and predictable line. Be aware of your own blind spots and the blind spots of other vehicles. 5 2 Changes to Driving Licence Service 6 4 The Driving Licence is changing from paper to plastic. From Saturday January 12th, all driving license applications received will result in a license being issued in a plastic card format. As all old paper licences are valid for a maximum of 10 years, so it follows that all old paper licences should be replaced with a plastic card licence by 2023. The validity period of new licences issued will not change for the majority of drivers. However, for those driving trucks and/or buses the validity period of the licence for those categories will be reduced to five years. n For full details please visit www.rsa.ie/RSA/Licensed-Drivers/DrivingLicence-Changes/Driving-Licence-Changes-January-2013 For more information contact Gráinne Coogan, Communications Officer at 01 4631721, email safedriving@esb.ie or http://esbnet/safedriving 1 Connemara’ by Kevin Grace, Group Internal Audit. 2 ‘Outage in Amorebieta, Inside the Boiler’ by Bittor Zaba. 3 & 4 Tween Bridge Windfarm in Yorkshire’ by Ian Whitehead, Rousch Power Plant. 5 ‘Christmas Innocence’ by Joe McGrath, Energy International. 6 Sunset in Ko Lanta, Thailand by Denise Fannin, ESB Networks. Donal Lucey RIP We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of our colleague, Donal Lucey, who was tragically killed in a collision while out for a Sunday morning cycle in November. Our thoughts are with you all at this time. A BITE TO EAT WORTH SHARING WHAT’S NEW? Dave Walsh NEVEN MAGUIRE appears to be everywhere these days. Be it a book launch, cookery demonstration or TV programme, he’s certainly a busy man. But his pride and joy, and I am sure the way he defines himself, is as owner/ chef at MacNean’s Restaurant in Blacklion, Co Cavan. Every time I’ve been there he was present orchestrating things, never invisible and always available for a few words that are genuine. It is a culinary experience to match anything a restaurant boasting a Michelin star and the full experience is enhanced if you stay there. Nowadays, people demand service but rarely is service so good that you just don’t notice how seriously good it is. The standard is set so high at MacNeans that it allows you to get on with the reason you go there – to enjoy the best of food and wine cooked and presented to you expertly. The menu - using the finest, local seasonal ingredients is varied and has something for everyone. For the coup de grace I would suggest you go for the nine course menu at €87 per person or €132 if you let Neven choose the various wines to accompany each course. You might not be brave enough to try an unfamiliar dish at an ‘ordinary’ restaurant but MacNeans inspires confidence and if it is going to be cooked properly then Neven is the man to do it. If you stay over you will marvel at the breakfast the next day. The chef may not be happy with this but I actually look forward to the breakfast more than the dinner, especially the wondrous porridge. The price for the standard five-course dinner is €72 with B&B starting at €67pps. In an age of themed and branded restaurants, it is refreshingly wonderful, though to know that the chef’s name above the door is the man working in the kitchen. If you fancy going then planning is essential as bookings fill up almost as soon as the book is opened so get in early. It is so worth the trip and the wait. n More for more information see www.macneanrestaurant.com http://www.esb.ie/em http://www.rsa.ie/RSA/Licensed-Drivers/Driving-Licence-Changes/Driving-Licence-Changes-January-2013 http://www.rsa.ie/RSA/Licensed-Drivers/Driving-Licence-Changes/Driving-Licence-Changes-January-2013 http://esbnet/safedriving http://www.macneanrestaurant.com

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