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BusInEss RounD-up RETAIL MovEs AHEAD The Retail group comprises Fuels and Horticulture and their common supply platform. The group was born of the need to re-focus Fuels and Horticulture from being seasonal product organisations to a market-centred organisation designed to service consumer demand throughout the calendar year. One challenge facing Retail is that the seasonal nature of the business places a heavy reliance on weather for success - the last financial year was dominated by an unseasonably mild winter. This impacted heavily on our solid fuel, oil and convenience product ranges. Also, reduced disposable income shifted consumer spending dramatically away from home heating oil. Retail has moved into a new building and the organisation is coming together in a more open and communicative way. The financial year has started well although the unseasonable weather has dampened down the sales of our horticulture products. The launch of the Verve growing media ‘own label’ brand and the increased presence of the Growise offering has enhanced the retail horticulture range in the market. The partnership with Vital Earth (a UK-based peat free product provider) will allow for growth across the entire retail product set in the UK. The professional grower customer base has expanded and this year will see new customers added as well as our drive into new markets with the addition of distributors in Turkey and the Far East (Taiwan and China) Growth will also be delivered with new coal products combined with an expanded convenience product range. The product set in horticulture has also been improved with new opportunities in sod moss, milled black peat and bin turf. NEws ANd dEVElOpmENTs FROm ACROss THE COmpANy sTRonG FEEDsToCK sALEs RESOURCE RECOVERY dEVElOpmEntS Resource Recovery’s organic bin composting plant is nearing completion of the final stage of plant commissioning with the first commercial waste shipments due at the end of the summer. AEs has just completed the integration of the wexford County Council business and finalised the integration of Kildare County Council for customers based in south Kildare. In mid-June and early July, a complete reroute of all wheelie bin customers in wexford and south Kildare was completed. This was achieved using Gps (global positioning system) technology on the waste collection trucks and RFId (radio frequency identification) chips in the bins that record the size and type of bin. Both projects were completed by a cross-functional team from Operations and Customer services. AEs plans to complete the rerouting of the North Kildare-based customers from Kildare County Council later this year. As of the end of June, feedstock peat and biomass sales currently are at 100% of target at 843,000 tonnes. sales to EsB are at 105% of target while Edenderry sales are at 85% of target. sales to the briquette factories are at 88% of target and horticulture peat sales are on budget. Biomass deliveries to Edenderry are at 150% of projected levels. The two briquette factories are closed for an extended outage of up to 20 weeks due to high stocks resulting from poor sales over the mild winter. This extended outage will have a severe effect on peat sales over this year. Employees normally involved in peat transport and related activities have been redeployed to other work for the outage period. Feedstock welcomed the visit of the Board of directors to mountdillon on June 7 for its monthly board meeting. The Board members were shown through the workshop and were also given a tour of the ancient Bog Trackway and Interpretative Centre at Corlea. pRoCuREMEnT nEWs The procurement team recently won a coveted National Green Award in the supply Chain category for its online carbon measurement programme with top suppliers. It fended off competition from dell, IBm and symantec, which were also shortlisted. DATA PROTECTION POLICY ROLLOUT The Bord na móna data protection policy is currently being rolled out to all staff across the group. Hilary Costello, Group data protection Officer, has been providing data protection training to those staff who process the personal data of customers and employees as part of their roles. Training will continue over the summer months. with awareness amongst the public of data protection issues increasing year on year, it is important that staff who process the personal data of customers and employees in their roles are kept informed of and ensure that they comply with Bord na móna’s obligations under data protection legislation. 4 | Source Summer 2012

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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 10