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Looking ahead with confidence Unseasonal weather and the recession combined to prodUce a difficUlt year for bord na móna. however, ceo Gabriel d’arcy sees positives ahead Q It’s been a challenging year for Bord na Móna, with poor weather and the recession affecting performance. What things have worked well in the company? our organisation has evolved into business units that are built around the customers and channels that they supply. that’s brought us closer to the customer and we’re more sensitive to their needs. that has also helped us to become more competitive, which we needed to be. and we’ve built an innovation process which is stitched into the fabric of how we do things. we’ve also improved our standing nationally. we were narrowly beaten in the race for irish water. but people saw the organisation that bord na móna had become, and there’s huge good will and appreciation around that. we’ve also won numerous awards, including ones from fáilte ireland and chambers ireland. we were also recognised as ireland’s number one semi-state company and were regarded as the most reputable company in the irish energy sector. our firemagic firemaker product won a major award for marketing. our procurement process has won a technology award and a green supply award. anua has won a health and safety award and our garden in the bloom festival this year won the award for the most outstanding garden. Q What challenges lie ahead? a big challenge is the culture of the organisation. the organisation has moved away from being product-oriented to a more marketled organisation. i get a developing sense of entrepreneurial endeavour with an overarching aim of making the company more competitive and innovative. at the end of the day, that will dictate whether this company succeeds: can we compete successfully on price and quality compared to our competitors in the eyes of our customers? are we more innovative, coming up with ideas and products that make our customers want to deal with us more and more? our business is performing in a challenging environment. we had a very difficult last summer. this summer hasn’t been great. we had a very mild winter, which had a detrimental effect on our home heating products. our spring was wet, the time when we do most of our horticulture business. Generally speaking, there has been weak consumer demand and that’s reflected in the performance of resource recovery. 10 | Source Summer 2012

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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 10
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Looking Ahead with Confidence
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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 10