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Project uPdate WIN €1,000 Worth of eNergy retrofIt Works IN your home! UNDER THE ‘BE ENERGY WISE’ PRoMoTIoN, BoRD NA MóNA IS PRovIDING ASSISTANcE To EMPloYEES To REDUcE ENERGY USE, coSTS AND IMPRovE THE coMFoRT lEvElS AT HoME controls, pumped cavity, etc.) for a total value of say €2,000, the energy-saving measures could qualify for grant aid from SEAI of €850, and if you decide to avail of the Bord na Móna staff credit scheme to pay €1,000 over nine months. w You get €2,000 worth of work done to your home w You pay 2150 directly to the contractor when work is compalete w You pay €1,000 over nine months through your wages A full list of grant aid can be found on SEAI’s website – use the following link: homes/homeowner/what_grants_are_ available/ The home energy adviser will guide you through all of the information including what measures qualify for grant aid. We would advise that the minimum SEAI grant amount for the first application should be €400. A BER grant, where applicable, does not count towards the €400 minimum. Work must be carried out to SEAI’s standards to qualify for grant aid. Under legislation, Bord na Móna has a company-wide target of 30% energy savings, which has been set by the Government, to be achieved by 2020. Managing and achieving this will involve tracking, recording and reporting on energy consumption across all divisions of the company. We will have more updates for employees in relation to the new Bord na Móna energy management system in the next edition of Source. enerGY SaVer GrouP contactS If you have a query relating to ‘Be Energy Wise’ or an energy-saving idea, contact your Energy Savers Working Group member from your business unit (see below): chairman: Tom Egan, Edenderry Power Station retail: Mick Gillen PowerGen: Richard Neale it: Frank Kearns innovation: Adele Woods & Barry Hooper feedstock: Enda McDonagh B ord na Móna’s Energy Savers Working Group is bringing forward a number of energysaving projects. All of these projects play an important role in the company’s energy-saving obligations under the national Better Energy programme. Bord na Móna is currently securing the services of a partner to roll out a domestic retrofit staff promotion. The domestic energy measures being offered by this ‘one-stopshop’ company are; attic insulation, pumped cavity wall insulation, new boilers and stoves, heating controls and solar panels, as well as servicing of boilers and stoves. And it’s easy - the partner will provide skilled personnel who will audit an employee’s home to assess its energy efficiency. They will present the householder with a range of energy-saving options and the costs of implementing them. If the householder agrees the work and costs with the contractor, the partner will apply for the grant on behalf of the employee, so that the householder pays only for the cost of the work minus the grant amount. In addition, Bord na Móna is launching an Easy Pay staff credit scheme where up to a maximum of €1,700 can be secured against the home energy savings measures. It’s like a 0% interest-free loan from the company, which the employee can repay from their wages over a nine-month period. The energy saving credits, once verified, contribute to Bord na Móna’s Better Energy targets. The advantage of this scheme for employees is that it is convenient, offering a hassle-free one-stop-shop solution to having different energy-saving work completed by one contractor who is registered with SEAI and has been vetted by Bord na Móna. Employees will be able to avail of the offer from this summer until the end of 2012. Procurement: Sharon Byrne anua: Barry Hooper communications: Paddy Rowland hr: Kevin Harte resource recovery: Garret leech & charlotte Greene Land & Property: Pat Ring engineering Services: Sean Donoghue ePc: Justin Maguire & Tom Quinn INformatIoN when your work is complete please complete the following and return to; justin Maguire, Bord na Móna, newbridge, co. kildare Your name: Your address: Date of completion of work: Confirmation that work was carried out under Bord na Móna ‘Be Energy Wise’ Promotion: Total value of work done in your home (please ensure to keep records of all invoices and receipts) S (Y/N): € hoW to WIN! the first 25 Bord na Móna employees to complete work under the Bord na Móna Be energy wise promotion will automatically enter the draw, and the winner will receive a cheque for energy efficiency work carried out in their home under the Bord na Móna Be energy wise Promotion up to a maximum value of €1,000 terms & conditions apply. So how do the financeS work? example: If you agree a contract price with the contractor for the energy-saving measures (e.g. attic insulation, boiler 20 | Source Summer 2012

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Bord na Móna - Source Issue 10