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13 April/May 2013 www.esb.ie/em Generation & Wholesale Markets Moneypoint continues LocaL schooLs initiative 8 For the second year running, Moneypoint is participating in the Schools Business Partnership, a scheme that aims to help pupils at targeted schools gain a better understanding of a working environment and how to prepare oneself to gain employment. MOnEypOinT’S invOlvEMEnT benefits students by providing them with access to station staff and their work environment. Moneypoint staff share their experience of how they attained their qualifications and, ultimately, their jobs. The programme’s focus is about sharing real-life experience, especially in the areas of interview prepa- ration and interview skills. The programme began in October 2012, with the station and the Kilrush Community School agreeing mutually suitable timetables. later that month, a selection of fifth-year students were introduced to the programme by Station Manager Brendan Kennedy, along with program Coordinator Eileen Fitzgerald. They outlined what the students were expected to put into the programme and, most importantly, what they could get from it. in late november, the students visited the station and members of staff from across all disciplines made time available to share their experiences with them. This proved interesting for the students, but even more so for the staff as it allowed them express the pride they have in their company. This first interaction fired up the students to get working on their Cvs and their interview preparation. in January, six station staff visited the community school to interview the students. prior to this, Brendan held a workshop on Cv preparation and interview skills. The benefit of this workshop was clearly evident in the mock interviews. The final session was held in March and the students took this opportunity to express their gratitude to the station staff Carrickatane - a further step towards ESB’s renewable target A view of T2 at Carrickatane Wind Farm from the nacelle of T4. The River Foyle and Donegal are visible in the background. CARRiCKATAnE WinD FARM is the latest in the ESB Wind Farm portfolio to complete commissioning and advance to commercial operation. The wind farm located on the Tyrone Derry border, close to ESB’s operational Curryfree Wind Farm, consists of nine Siemens 2.3MW Wind Turbines and is connected to the niE Killymallaght 110kv substation. The total generation capacity is 20.7MW, enough to power approximately 9,000 homes. The wind farm was developed in-house by ESB Wind Development and construction commenced in October 2010 using a multidisciplinary contract strategy approach. Civil balance of plant services were provided by Adman Civil projects, who also acted as principal contractor; the electrical balance of plant services was by powerteam Electrical Services and the wind turbines were supplied by Siemens. Owners Engineer and civil design services were provided by ESBi Wind Central control of GWM’s wind portfolio Energy Solutions who also acted as CDM coordinators. project accounting and financial modelling were provided in-house. The wind farm will be operated and maintained by ESB Renewables O&M from takeover. The works consisted of public road upgrades, on-site acThe total cess tracks, turbines, generation associated hardstands, capacity is foundations and unit 20.7MW, subs, on site substation, enough cabling and ancillary to power works. This involved creating and maintain- approximately 9,000 homes. ing a positive safety this central control centre. As part of the development of ESB’s capability to manage a large portfolio of wind farms across the UK and ireland, Renewables O&M is putting in place a single central second-tier SCADA system. Before last Christmas, this project reached a milestone with the installation of the central SCADA servers in ESB Head Office. These will consolidate the data and control capabilities for all sites into one single system that should be fully operational before the end of this year. Thereafter, new wind farms will be added to the central system as the ESB portfolio of wind farms grows to meet our 2025 target of 1600MW of wind-power generation capacity.  Station Manager Brendan Kennedy and John Wall at Kilrush Community School. for facilitating the program. The students also presented Brendan with a framed memento to acknowledge the help given. This program proved to be a rewarding and worthwhile initiative and one the station plans continuing into the future.  culture, intensive project management and stakeholder management to ensure successful project delivery. The project Delivery Model, facilitated by the project Management Office wasemployedthroughouttheprojectdelivery. The project was recognised with two nominations at the Construction Excellence Awards 2012 for Environment Sustainability and Health & Safety and, indeed, Adman won the mid-year ESB Safety Merit Award. The project was commissioned successfully and wind data collected indicates that the wind farm enters commercial operation with the prospect of high outputs throughout its operational life. it is a significant boost to renewable energy generation in northern ireland and is a further step towards ESB’s renewable energy targets.  ■ An engineering pitch at Cathleen’s Fall Erne Stations hosted a visit by Sligo Grammar School students during Engineers’ Week, the second year that the location has hosted such an event. ■ Letters from Japan -the final postcard! While working on a one-year secondment to Osaka Gas in Japan, Dara Connolly has been contributing regularly to EM. ■ Engineers Week in ESB ESB Head Office hosted a daylong event for Engineers Week that saw 26 students from Holy Faith Secondary School, Clontarf, visit Head Office to talk to our engineers about their roles, experiences and impressions of engineering as a career opportunity. ■ ESB Future Trading Project The Finance team’s objectives are to assist in the integration of the Finance functions Wind farMs at heart of their coMMunities James Toohy in the control room. THE WinD COnTROl Centre has been fitted with a video wall in its control room, following the relocation of the centre from Stephen Court to Fitzwilliam Street late last year. ESB currently has 15 wind farms in full commercial operation and providing up to 333MW of power. A further two wind farms (55MW) will be added to the portfolio this Spring with the commissioning of Betws in Wales and Carrickatane in northern ireland. This wind-farm portfolio consists of 236 wind turbines ranging in sizes from 500kW to 3MW. Each wind farm can be monitored using 17 different supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems from Contents ❱❱ Pictured (l-r): ESB Wind Farms Stakeholder Liaison Officer Kieran Tubridy, , Holy Family School PE Teacher Eamonn Donnelly, Gaeltech Project Coordinator Thomas Farrell, and Holy Family School Principal Catherine Farrell, with students who participated in horse riding lessons that were funded by Mountain Lodge Wind Farm Community Fund. TWO nEW community initiatives were launched in January 2013: the irish Wind Energy Association’s (iWEA) Best practice Community Benefit and Engagement principles and the northern ireland Renewable industry Group’s (niRiG) Community Commitment protocol on Community Benefits. These two documents call on wind farm developers to put in place a community benefits package as part of the construction of all new wind farms in the Republic and northern ireland. prior to this, in 2011, the ESB Board approved a Wind Farm Community Engagement policy that commits ESB to engage meaningfully with the communities near our wind farms. This engagement starts at project concept phase and continues right through construction and operation and the policy allows for ESB to help these communities to undertake projects that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to achieve. last year, 2012, was a very successful year for community funding with the launch of community funds for Curryfree and Huntershill in northern ireland and there were successful funding rounds for existing community funds in Mountain lodge County Cavan and in West Durham and Fullabrook in the UK The list of applicants shows what a diverse range of volunteer activity is taking place in the areas surrounding the wind farms. ESB is delighted to be able to contribute and 2013 is expected to be even busier with new funds launching in the UK and ireland. We look forward to working with these Kieran Tubridy visited the Little Green Hut Art Group, purchased art supplies thanks to the West Durham Community Fund. The West Durham Wind Farm Fund helped Cornsay Colliery and Neighbourhood Residents build a childrens’ playground. new communities and learning about the vital work that they are doing to make their areas a better place to live.  http://www.esb.ie/em

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