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Earn Free up some hours by working smarter and doing what you love more work less Y from home. ou work full-time, earn a fair wage, but don’t have a life. The spare hours you do have are spent doing the jobs you didn’t have time to do because Editor's career advice Working from home can be a great solution to a number of problems – but it’s absolutely vital that you maintain focus. Avoid all the usual home distractions – TV is a real nono! – and remember: you may be at home, but you’re also at work… And try to keep the snacking down to a minimum, of course! I want to be a… slImmIng coach This is great for anyone who has lost a few lbs, as it can be really satisfying to help others do the same. If you’ve been through the challenge yourself, you’re an ideal candidate for a consultant. You’ll be members and giving nutrition, diet and exercise advice. In some instances, you can totally change people’s lives for the better. All you need is a caring, understanding personality and an approachable manner. Part-time earning potential: As a selfphotographs: getty Images, shutterstock you were at work. So how can you still earn good money and reclaim valuable ‘me time’ in the process? Maybe it’s time to downshift and become a part-time professional. There are opportunities out there for creative and ambitious people to make big money and get a lot more flexibility – particularly if you’re working required to run weekly meetings weighing 66 careers september 2011

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Careers with Hayley Taylor 2011

Editor’s letter
Hayley's foreword
Home work
Meet The Fairy Jobmother
I need an agent
How to write the perfect CV
Be the best
From business virgin to Virgin boss
Staying positive during your job search
Kick start your career
The benefits of business education
How to make work work for you
Legal rights
Balancing benefits and businesses for working mums
Earn more work less
Shades of Green
Getting into retail without selling yourself short
What to wear
Work on a plate
Franchises: it’s all in the name
The Ultimo success
Working that net
Building a career in property
Donate your career to charity
Supporting the support
Cross purposes
Tender, loving social care
10 social care facts
Foster care: a blossoming profession
Best of British
Jobs of the future
10 Top Tips to get that dream job
Your questions answered

Careers with Hayley Taylor 2011