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WELCOME hayley Hello everyone Welcome to my edition of Careers magazine; I hope you find it as interesting to read as I found the whole contributory experience. HOW PROUD I AM to have been asked to participate in what I feel has turned out to be an edition that not only gives an individual the tools to help themselves get to where they want to be, but one that gives hope in what can only can be described as difficult economic times. This edition is packed full with tips to help you on your way towards finding a fulfilling career, or the initial guidance you may require to help you start to make sense of just what an employer is looking for in an employee. Take a look at the employment Q&A section that I have included, as I feel it depicts an excellent representation of the many difficulties faced; I hope that in reading these you find some answers that possibly relate to your own personal situation. One thing that is so amazing to me, is that being “The Fairy Jobmother” allows me to share in so many people’s lives, to see the difficulties that they face and to relate to their frustrations and, at times, disappointment. Never for one minute do I take for granted the position that I have found myself in: it is one that allows me to help and advise and at times share in the joy of success – after all, is that not what we all want from life? I hope that reading this edition of Careers leads you towards just that: remember knowledge and perseverance pay, never give up; when faced with an outcome that wasn’t what we wanted or expected think to yourself, “maybe it wasn’t for me”. One thing I have learnt from life is that it has a funny way of working itself out: at the time it’s not clear, but in hindsight it always makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to read this foreword and more importantly for reading the content: maybe, just maybe, it can give you the drive and determination to succeed and be where you want to be… When you get there, hang on and enjoy every minute. MUCH LOVE Hayley x SEPTEMBER 2011 careers 11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Careers with Hayley Taylor 2011

Editor’s letter
Hayley's foreword
Home work
Meet The Fairy Jobmother
I need an agent
How to write the perfect CV
Be the best
From business virgin to Virgin boss
Staying positive during your job search
Kick start your career
The benefits of business education
How to make work work for you
Legal rights
Balancing benefits and businesses for working mums
Earn more work less
Shades of Green
Getting into retail without selling yourself short
What to wear
Work on a plate
Franchises: it’s all in the name
The Ultimo success
Working that net
Building a career in property
Donate your career to charity
Supporting the support
Cross purposes
Tender, loving social care
10 social care facts
Foster care: a blossoming profession
Best of British
Jobs of the future
10 Top Tips to get that dream job
Your questions answered

Careers with Hayley Taylor 2011