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33 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018


Facilis Technology Unveils eBook Not All Network Storage is the Same


acilis Technology's eBook aims to
helping facilities choose between
ubiquitous or purpose-built network
What are facility managers really
looking for? Is it important to have
99.999% uptime if the editors must
copy to local drives to output a show?
Increasingly, solutions are being
built upon the same technology, with
various special features and sidecar
applications that present a "mediafocused" face to a product that is
only a couple of steps removed from
enterprise IT networks.
Facilis, a leading international
supplier of cost-effective, high
performance shared storage solutions
for collaborative media production
networks, has launched the first
in a series of no-nonsense eBooks.
Designed to make the science of
shared storage accessible to all,
the first eBook looks at the critical
differences between generic Network

Attached Storage (NAS) systems
Facilis - NAS storage eBook
and bespoke shared file system
The motivation for this new
eBook is to provide guidance
that will help organisations
select the most appropriate
long-term storage architecture
and at the same time avoid
some of the common pitfalls.
"Don't let the hardware fool you,
all network storage is not the
same," comments James McKenna. the financial implications of wrong
VP of Sales and Marketing at Facilis. storage decisions are long-term and
"Your requirement is probably like profound. However, the selection of
most facilities, so we break down that appropriate storage technology can
requirement and analyse it. From help businesses to grow and add to
this we learn that performance is their client lists. McKenna adds: "Oversystemic, and bottlenecks will migrate engineering is costly and risky, but the
downstream. We'll explain why a ability to grow and adapt is critical.
non-TCP custom sharing method can It is important to look for a storage
eliminate the latencies and logjams in solution that satisfies your growth
generic NAS storage."
pattern, and buy the size you need
The eBook is rooted in the real world, today."
where budgets are constrained and
The eBook recognises and responds

to a need for objective advice and
information to help broadcasters,
facilities, and corporate storage
users to make informed decisions.
To help broaden understanding
of the critical role that the right
multi-user storage system can
make to organisations of many
different sizes and types, Facilis is
offering this eBook free of charge.
To read online, go to https://
Founded in 2003, Massachusettsbased Facilis Technology, Inc. designs
and builds affordable, high-capacity,
turnkey shared storage and archiving
solutions for collaborative media
production networks in the film,
television, education and audiovisual
Facilis' products blend seamlessly
into any studio environment -
boutique, mid-size or large -and have
been installed in more than 2000
facilities worldwide.

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