60th Anniversary - 29

Congratulations to World
The World Wide Fund for
Wildlife Fund on your 60th anniversary.
For decades, you have helped businesses like
Walmart translate ambitious aspirations
for climate and nature into practical
action at scale to transform supply chain systems. For
example, WWF helped create certifications such as FSC
and MSC. WWF was instrumental to Walmart establishing
Science-Based Targets for climate and our commitments to
conserve, restore or better manage 50 million acres of land
connected to global supply chains. WWF helped design and
guide our implementation of Project Gigaton, Walmart's
platform to engage 3,000 suppliers - 3,000 of them to
date, reporting nearly half a gigaton of emissions avoided
through initiatives related to energy, waste, packaging,
product design, sustainable agriculture and forests in
supply chains. WWF initiatives touch nearly every type of
landscape, seascape and supply chain in the world. Your
deep subject matter expertise, commitment to scientific
approaches, candid and constructive feedback, and
seminal works such as the Living Planet Report have built
enormous trust, helped us engage others to raise ambition
and pace, and influenced the public's understanding of the
imperative for conservation. We appreciate you and feel
a sense of urgency to get on with you in the next 60 years
toward a regenerative future - with emissions drawn
down, nature restored, and people empowered and fulfilled
to live in a more just and sustainable world.
Kathleen McLaughlin
Executive Vice President and
Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart Inc.,
and President, Walmart Foundation
Nature is celebrating its 60th
anniversary. In the Chinese traditional
culture, 60 years completes a long
cycle called the jiazi. It marks the
maturity of your organization and the prosperity of
your cause. It is gratifying to congratulate you for
carrying on the past and forging ahead. As a veteran
in the field of environmental protection, I had pleasant
cooperation with international friends from WWF
over the years, which remain vivid in my mind. I believe
that the Chinese government will never forget your
outstanding contributions, and I, myself, will always
cherish the medal of honour you awarded me 20 years
ago. This is not only a personal compliment to me,
but also a witness to the close cooperation between
China and international organizations. Time flies
while much remains to be done. In the next six decades,
WWF will surely have more brilliant achievements
with the great expectation of the people in China
and all over the world.
QU Geping
A leading pioneer of
protection in China

60th Anniversary

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