60th Anniversary - 11

Congratulations to WWF
I congratulate WWF and its
on 60 years of uniting people
around the world to safeguard nature.
I remember joining the world's
political and civic leaders to support
Earth Hour on March 25, 2011, and saying: " All over
the world, individuals and communities are creating
new examples for our common future - new visions
for sustainable living and new technologies to
realize it. Let us join together to celebrate this shared
quest to protect the planet and ensure human
well-being. " Those words remain as relevant a
decade later, and I am sure that WWF will continue
to lead and inspire us all to fulfil that vision.
Ban Ki-moon
Former United Nations
workers across the world on its 60th
anniversary. From its founding in 1961,
WWF has become the world's largest
conservation organization having
progressed from protection of specific species and
habitats to pursuing, in collaboration with partners,
including governments and other conservation
organizations, a broad strategy for tackling climate
change, preventing loss of natural habitats and species,
and achieving sustainable development across the
globe. I still remember among the many specific
activities in which I have participated my visit to
Fiji in November 2005 to join in the award ceremony
and announcement of Fiji's vast Marine Protected
Area, and my subsequent visit to Namibia in October
2013 for the award of WWF's prestigious Gift to the
Earth for the Government's establishment of
community-based tourism, which resulted in a drastic
reduction of the poaching of the country's rhinos.
I join its over 5 million supporters around the world
in wishing WWF continued impactful activities
in the next 60 years.
Chief Emeka Anyaoku
Former President,
WWF International
To help mark our 60th anniversary, we've launched a series of conversations about conservation called
Forces of Nature. An opportunity both to celebrate some of the incredible people who contribute to global
conservation and to highlight the urgency of our mission to help people and nature thrive. Each episode
features a conversation between environmental legends from different generations and very different
parts of the world - but with one thing in common: their commitment to protect our planet. Speakers
include Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, Autumn Peltier of the Anishinaabe Indigenous group in Canada,
and former President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos. The conversations are available as podcasts at:

60th Anniversary

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