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Parade of competitors at the Turf Development Board’s Annual Sports in St. Conleth’s Park, Newbridge, on 29 July, 1945. T HERITAGE CORNER AN EXTRACT FROM AN SLEÁN, AUGUST 1, 1946, BY WILLIAM REILLY, LULLYMORE CAMP Nua. Bord na Móna is completely blameless with regard to this tardiness, but I am afraid that the same cannot be said of yours truly. Heavens! When I reflect that this could easily have been my fifth gala day in Droichead Nua, I feel like kicking myself well and truly. “B “Until I sat in the Depot – in company with the other forty odd Stewards awaiting instructions – I did not have even the faintest idea of the amazing, almost unbelievable system of organisation which ensures the smooth, faultless running of the Bord na Móna Sports. Mr. Stapleton has – I merely state a well-known fact – that infinite capacity for taking pains and the devotion to detail that always makes for success in any venture. “Everything was planned down to the last tiny, most minute detail. Every possible contingency was provided for in so far as it was humanly ord na Móna and myself had one thing in common on July 21st, 1946 – we both enjoyed our first Sports day in Droichead possible to do so. Even the weather was mentioned, but the preparations were of such a colossal scale that even postponement at that eleventh hour was absolutely out of the question. Mr. Stapleton stressed the fact that it was necessary to make allowance for the human element: the unknown quantity, the unexpected, for which indeed, we should do well to prepare for always, even in our own lives. “The rain was a very saddening sight, especially to those of us who knew the enormous amount of labour, worry and energy which had been extended for this one afternoon’s sport. But, ‘the sports must go on’ was everybody’s motto, and go on it did despite the ungrateful elements which so energetically and so vainly tried to dampen our spirits. “Mr. Stapleton and Mr. McCarthy, the Judges, and the dynamic Starter, Mr. Hartigan, were here, there and everywhere on the field, throughout the sometimes intense downpour, inspiring everyone by their example and amazing unfailing cheerfulness.” PROFILE MARATHON MAN TOM here can’t be many men in Ireland who have run 119 marathons – including all of the Dublin City marathons. Tom Morgan (76) from Rochfortbridge, Co. Westmeath, is one of them. Running since he was 17, both cross-country and on roads, he has concentrated on marathons since he was 42. Now retired from Bord na Móna, he worked in Derrygreenagh for 31 years, drawing milled peat to the power station. Marathons have taken him all over the world, as far afield as Australia, Scotland, Italy, Germany, and the US. “I did five marathons last year. Running in Mullingar along the canal is my favourite route and the Berlin marathon was the best one ever: running alongside Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall was an experience.” Running has been a lifeline for Tom through tough times, including the death of his first wife, Ellen, in 1990; the death of his son, Sean, in 1995; and the death of his second wife, Eileen, in 1996. He lost another son, aged just 12 months, in 1961. “You forget everything when you’re running; you’re just focused on what you’re doing. You’re on top of the world after it. It has lifted me the whole time.” He has great memories of his time in Derrygreenagh. “I loved every minute of it; there was great craic with the lads on shift work.” In his home nearby, he helped to rear his sons and daughters, including Margaret and Eileen, who both worked in Bord na Móna for a spell. With such a varied life, it’s no surprise he has written a book detailing the hardships of growing up in the Forties, working in England, and all that running. Watch this space! INFORMATION S To find out more about the sports and social life in the company in years past, why not visit our website at Source | 25 HERITAGE

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