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26 Feb/March 2015 www.esb.ie/em HEALTH & HABITAT Image in-box MANDATORY ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING By Grainne Coogan a selection of your photography 1. 2. ESB ROAD SAFETY BUREAU 3. 4. 5. 1. Robin by Michael Hughes 2 & 3. Killybegs Harbour by Niall Gonnelly 4. Tiger at Zoo by Sarah Kearney 5. Pot of gold lands in Finance Dept. by Ratna Nelapati WHAT'S NEW? "ESB ROAD SAFETY Strategy 2013 - 2020: Our Journey to Excellence" sets Advanced Driver Training as the competence standard for all ESB drivers and the EDT has designated this training as mandatory safety training for ESB staff who drive for work. The training has been completed by 3,000 staff since it was introduced in 2006, and by the end of 2015, the remaining 25% of staff who drive on business but have not yet completed Advanced Driver Training, must do so. Advanced Driver Training is one of the bedrocks of our road safety programmes, which have seen serious collisions in our fleet drop from 63 per annum to 5. Staff who have participated in the training have commented on the great benefits it has brought to their driving behaviour. Advanced Driver For more information email esbroadsafetybureau@esb.ie or visit the ESB Road Safety Bureau Website: http:// esbnet/esbroadsafetybureau/. By Dave Walshe THE MULTIMAC REVOLUTIONISES SEATING IF YOUR FAMILY goes from five to six you have an obvious motoring dilemma. Where does the new addition sit? Before there was no choice but to trade in/up and get a seven seater MPV. We did, and drove a Renault Grand Scenic for 10 years. However, there is a considerable cost to do this so what to do? Well, Multimac (sounds like an Apple-enthusiastic family) has a solution that is both cost-effective and ingenious. Training teaches the driver to control the vehicle with precision, to drive with concentration and awareness, to anticipate danger and mistakes from other drivers, and to always leave a comfortable margin for safety. We have cemented a partnership with the Institute of Advanced Motorists, who certify us as Advanced Drivers. This will bring automatic annual membership for all ESB Advanced Drivers, and benefits include a reduction on private motor insurance for members if insured through ESB's insurance scheme. If you are one of the remaining 25% of staff who drive on business but have not yet completed Advanced Driver training, please ensure that you have completed or are scheduled to complete training by the end of 2015. n They have made a 4-seat seat that fits across the back of most cars and can seat, wait for it, four 12 year olds. And all seats take a babyseat so they can be any age up to 12 years old. You can now carry your four sub 12 year olds in a proper-fitting harnessed seat. You might think that that's it in terms of carrying any adults in the back but you'd be wrong. Once the straps that come with the Multimac are in place it takes no more than a minute to remove the 4-seater (it is one suite of seats) or indeed put it back in. So the Multimac means that when that sixth member of the family arrives you now have a cost-effective alternative to having to buy a new car. At a time when the additional costs of a new family member can be quite a burden, the Multimac at least puts off the day when you have to get a 7-seater when the The 4-seater from Multimac. eldest reaches thirteen. There is even a three-seater seat that converts cars with just two seats in the back into a 5-seater car. So if you like your car but need 5 or 6 seats the Multimac, starting from £1,299, is a lot less than the cost of changing your car. There is a huge variety of materials and colours available as well as a host of accessories. As ever with goods crossing the Irish Sea, the price goes up so do your research carefully for the best deal. Bit like buying a car really. Full details at www.multimac. co.uk or you can pop in to any Hyundai dealer who also stock them. n http://www.esb.ie/em http://esbnet/esbroadsafetybureau/ http://esbnet/esbroadsafetybureau/ http://www.multimac.co.uk http://www.multimac.co.uk

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