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26 Aug/Sept 2014 www.esb.ie/em HEALTH & HABITAT Image in-box a selection of your photography 2. 1. 3. 4. 5. 1. Austrian Tirol by Mick Downey 2. Glenmacnass by Kevin Grace 3. Midtown NY by John Wallace 4. I counted them already by Veronica O'Dwyer 5. Chicago Cloudgate by Michael Hughes WHAT'S NEW? A FOOLPROOF WAY TO By Dave Walshe GET A GRIP THIS IS ONE of those "Why didn't I think of that" inventions that meets the primary principle - Keep It Simple Stupid. If you are fed up with stuff rolling around in the back or boot of your car then STAYHOLD™ is the gadget that ends that - permanently. I've been using it for three months now and it is amazing what it will keep in place - no matter the size or shape. It is a totally Irish product too, being the brainchild of Michael Culleton who made a wooden prototype and used it for years before taking the plunge and developing it for market. That's product testing for you indeed. It works by gripping the carpet and acting as a barrier to stop things from sliding around and getting damaged while the car is in motion. STAYHOLD™ works well as a divider for creating sections for stuff that you carry regularly or it's great to keep onhand when you have some messages or boxes, luggage, bottles, paint tins, tools, sports stuff... whatever you need to keep safe and secure. It is really easy to use, simply place it snuggly beside what you want to secure and press it down onto the carpet. STAYHOLD™ will now stay in place until you remove it from the carpet using one of the handles. Then you can reposition it or stick it to the roof of the boot for storage. It is amazingly strong and won't budge even for a cylinder of gas I carried recently. There is a simple technique to remove it that belies its strength. ROAD SAFETY BUREAU OUR JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE - YOUR PART IN IT By Grainne Coogan ESB LAUNCHED ITS third Road Safety programme on 5th December 2013: "ESB Road Safety Strategy 2013 2020: Our Journey to Excellence". This is a programme for all ESB staff, which has been designed by staff and Senior Managers from all of the businesses. This strategy sets a stretching target of becoming "A National Exemplar in Road Safety Excellence and will achieve zero at fault incidents and collisions". Here are some ways that you can be a part of the programme and encourage others too: * This strategy sets Advanced Driver training as the competence standard for all ESB drivers and the EDT has now designated this training as mandatory safety training for ESB staff who drive for work. You should ensure that if you drive for ESB, you have completed or are scheduled to complete training by end of 2015. * If you have completed Advanced Driver Training, complete a driving audit with a fellow advanced driver. * If you are 25 or under, or know a staff member who is, encourage them to avail of Young Driver Training which will soon be mandatory ESB training (email ESBRoadSafetyBureau@ esb.ie). * Take the time to read the pamphlet you will receive in August, which summarises "ESB Road Safety Strategy 2013 - 2020: Our Journey to Excellence" (full document online at http://esbnet/esbroadsafetybureau/) Check out more at www.stayhold.ie and see their story, demo videos and its uses. Time now to put your own * Comply with and be familiar with ESB driving policies as set down in the Fleet and Private Drivers' Handbooks. * By the end of 2014, we will be seeking volunteers to champion the Road Safety programme across the business to help make it a success. * In achieving the vision of zero at fault incidents and collisions, we become exemplars who can encourage and engage with family, friends and the community at large to adapt road safety habits. * Launch of External Support partner will support the programme by providing online assessment and training, and online information and advice to support and maintain driving standards. Road Safety is a real risk that we must address for the benefit of all: staff, contractors, families and the wider community. Choose to engage with and embrace the programme, thereby doing your part to enhance road safety in ESB and nationally. n For more information email esbroadsafetybureau@esb.ie or visit the ESB Road Safety Bureau Website: http:// esbnet/esbroadsafetybureau/. idea into practice after seeing this hugely successful simple one that eliminates one of life's major chores. n

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EM - August/September 2014