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August/September 9 August/September 2013 • www.esb.ie/em 2013 www.esb.ie/em Innovation Telecoms generates new ideas through value mining initiative Building Towers to Extend Coverage for Mobile Operators. L-r: Pat Naughton, Executive Director Group People and Sustainability; Eamon Ryan; Colm Conheady; and Denis O’Leary, Smart Energy Technologies Manager (missing from the picture is George Doherty, mentor; Mick Clavin and Niall Fitzpatrick). Expanding into other Geographical Locations. L-r: Rory McGowan, General Manager at Telecoms; Amanda Stringer; Paul Sweeney; and David Sandford (missing from the picture is Gerry Noone, mentor; and Dermot Rowe). Telecoms Friendly MV/LV Pole. L-r: Pat Walsh; Ray Kelly; Audrey Burke; and Ronnie Horan, mentor (missing from the picture is John Hutch). NTFON Expansion Using Microwave Radio Links. L-r: Dermot Hopkins, mentor; Keith Conlon; Colm Conheady; and John Reilly (missing from the picture is Fergal O’Buachain). TELECOMS carried out a ‘value mining’ initiative, which is an innovative process that creates an environment where ideas are encouraged and facilitated to examine opportunities that could contribute to the overall performance of the business. Cross-functional teams were established to examine a selection of business ideas that will potentially grow Telecoms business while leveraging from existing infrastructure and resources. The teams included the originator of the idea and a mentor to provide support and guidance. Over a number of weeks the teams researched and prepared high-level presentations outlining the potential to bring each of the ideas to market. The teams presented their findings to senior management across ESB in the conference centre. This innovative initiative demonstrated how an engaged and agile organisation benefits from participating in cross-functional teams outside of their day-to-day activities. ■ EXECUTIVES VISIT BAHRAIN Page 11 new CARRINGTON Launch of and reception conference rooms PROJECT ACHIEVES KEY MILESTONE Pictured (l-r): Mark Tolan, Facilities Manager, John McSweeney, Head of Innovation, ESB, Antoinnette Morton, Receptionist, ESB International, Ollie Brogan, Managing Director, ESB International, Pam McDonagh, Receptionist, ESB International, Pat O’Doherty, Chief Executive, ESB and Bernardine Maloney, Manager Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. The landmark pipeline installation was completed using a technique called horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and is a fantastic demonstration of ESB International’s engineering expertise and delivery. ESB INTERNATIONAL City Street Furniture. L-r: Nicola Arthur, mentor; Joop Seebus; Denise Healy; and Kevin Lee (missing from the picture is Ger Whelan). 9 ESB INTERNATIONAL recently achieved a major milestone in the Carrington Project. 1km of gas pipeline, of diameter 600mm, was successfully installed at a depth of 30 meters. The landmark pipeline installation was completed using a technique called horizontal directional drilling. This process involved drilling through rock at a depth of 30 meters to create a bore to pull the gas pipeline through it. The pipe pullback operation took over 21 hours and is a fantastic demonstration of ESB International’s engineering expertise and delivery. ■ The Carrington power plant is located in greater Manchester and will generate enough electricity to supply the needs of approximately 1 million homes when it becomes operational. The 880MW facility is being constructed using the latest natural gas combined cycle technology (CCGT) to ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimal impact to the environment. It will be one of the most efficient generators of electricity in the United Kingdom. FIRST CROSS-BORDER EV FAST CHARGER LAUNCHING EUROPE’S FIRST cross-border electric vehicle fast charger network linking major intercity routes in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland were Deputy Secretary of the Department for Regional Development, Barney McGahan with Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte and Managing Director of ESB Networks Ltd, Jerry O’Sullivan. THE OFFICIAL opening of ESB International’s new reception and conference room facilities took place on July 22nd at 10am. All staff were invited to attend demonstrations of the new conference facilities, including the state-of-the-art U-touch screen. This interactive electronic visual display can display corporate videos, presentations, photographs and info graphics. Ollie Brogan, Managing Director, ESB International – who opened the facilities – spoke of the importance of these new facilities in positioning ESB International to successfully achieve its ambitious growth targets. Also in attendance were individuals across all of ESB including Pat O’Doherty, Chief Executive, ESB and John McSweeney, Head of Innovation, ESB. ■ Contents ❱❱ ■ Ecars expertise promoted at Turkish Smart Energy Summit 2013 Turkey has experienced a huge amount of change over the past decade and the energy industry is booming. The conference and exhibition offered ESB International an excellent opportunity to highlight the company’s capabilities and experience to prospective clients. ■ ecars organises EU Electromobility Stakeholder Forum The sixth EU Green eMotion (GeM) Stakeholder Forum took place in the Palais des Academies, Brussels, and was part of the EU-wide ‘Sustainable Energy Week’. ■ PAC World Conference 2013 sponsored by ESB International ESB International was sponsor and gave the keynote address at the fourth PAC World Conference 2013, which took place in Trinity College, Dublin from June 24th to 27th 2013. Business opportunities in the growing southern African energy market ESB International is targeting the thriving southern African region to grow its international business operations. ESB INTERNATIONAL ESB INTERNATIONAL is targeting the thriving southern African region to grow its international business operations. The company is working with Eskom, the South African stateowned power utility, on new build gas turbines, wind and network projects under a framework contract which runs until end of 2017. In addition to South Africa, ESB International is targeting new business opportunities in the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. Early in 2013, Paul Farrell relocated to South Africa to take up a position as ESB International Country Manager for Africa based in JohannesThis office burg. Paul facilitated will support the relocation of the the growing company’s former number of temporary office services being in South Africa to offered to ESB a new office where International’s Enterprise Ireland is clients... also based. This office will support the growing number of services being offered to ESB International’s clients in the southern African region. ■ http://www.esb.ie/em

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