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Feb/March 2011 www.esb.ie/em 9 Services and ESB Electric Ireland Household Budget Scheme winner Household Budget Scheme winner Page 14 A new name for Energy Solutions The ANNouNceMeNT in December of ‘electric ireland’ as the new brand name for eSB’s energy Solutions business was an important step and one of a number of requirements necessary for eSB to receive regulatory freedom to compete in the residential electricity market in the Republic of ireland. There have been many changes in the energy market over the past few years and competition has intensified significantly. We look forward to receiving regulatory freedom in the residential market and being able to offer choice to customers with new product offerings including a gas offer; all aimed at giving our customers choice and value. The announcement of this new name also heralded a significant milestone in the integration of eSB’s three businesses; eSB customer Supply, eSB independent energy and eSB energy Services, to form a single energy supply and services business. ‘Electric Ireland’ We have chosen this name because it describes clearly who we are and the service we provide to the people of ireland. under this new name we look forward to delivering great value and choice to you and all our customers. The eSB Networks brand will continue to provide the networks services to all of our customers and there will be no change to this. Very impactful individually, but when combined the words ‘electric’ and ‘ireland’ deliver a very strong brand name – a name to which eSB can lay claim, given our reputation for delivering electricity to the people of ireland for many years. This name demonstrates our support for the vision for energy in ireland where electricity will increasingly become the primary source of energy in the future. This trend is already emerging with the increasing role of electricity in the transport and home heating sectors. We believe that ‘electric ireland’ demonstrates a sense of ‘positive energy’ and we intend to demonstrate this to our customers in the way we deliver a great service experience. The selection of our new name ‘electric ireland’ was informed by a very successful company wide staff now set about building a reputation for our new brand. ultimately, what our customers experience must align with what we portray through our marketing communications. our people are key to making this a great brand and success will be measured by our customers choosing ‘electric ireland’ as the energy supplier that delivers great choice and value to them. our ambition is to build a brand that will successfully position our business as the leading energy services provider in the competitive all island energy market. our new brand will build a reputation founded on providing a rewarding and innovative energy experience for our customers, both now and in the future. our new identity and logo in time will symbolise the achievement of this ambition. our new brand identity and logo is aimed at bringing life to our new brand, and will now be rolled out through bills, our website, advertising campaigns and sponsorship programmes. We will be putting the existing brand name along with our new name on all customer communications from february until the end of the year. The purpose of this dual branding phase is to help customers become familiar with and transition easily to our new name. n Ronan Collier, corporate centre Dave Carey, Networks Claire O’Brien, corporate centre Andrew O’Connell, energy international Brendan McCarthy, energy international Brendan Barry, energy international Flor McCarthy, Networks Carmel O’Connor, Networks Catherina McManus, corporate centre Caroline Kinsella, Networks Brian Carson, energy international €1 million ESB donation to SVP annual appeal The SocieTy of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) received a welcome boost to its annual appeal with a €1 million donation from eSB just before christmas. SVP National President Mairead Bushnell said the charity was delighted to accept this donation from eSB. “it will help make a real and valuable difference to families and individuals who are struggling in these tough times,” she said. The donation was used to provide much needed basics for families to help them get through christmas and the remaining winter months. Mairead noted that eSB has a long history of working with SVP with particular focus on helping and advising consumers on staying well and warm over the winter months. She added, “in this current cold spell, both organisations cannot over emphasise the need to stay warm and safe. “This generous contribution reflects the great response from the public to our 2010 Annual Appeal. calls for assistance to the SVP this year have increased nationally by 35% and in some regions, calls to regional offices are up 50%. in these circumstances we would encourage people to continue to make much needed donations, as there are so many people in need throughout the country.” Speaking about eSB’s donation, electric ireland Manager Liam Molloy said, “in view of the particularly challenging times that families and individuals are dealing with at the moment, eSB is making an immediate contribution of €1 million to St. Vincent de Paul’s Annual Appeal to help assist those in need. The current cold weather is placing extra stress on families, especially so close to christmas, so we hope our contribution will provide some further relief to those most in need.” The SVP is the largest direct non-profit charitable organisation in ireland, giving hope to many individuals and families who are experiencing poverty, loneliness and despair in every local community throughout the country. n To make a donation to the SVP please log onto www.svp.ie/appeal or give locally. Electric Ireland Manager Liam Molloy and SVP National Director Kieran Murphy. naming competition. eSB staff from across the organisation submitted more than 1,100 name ideas and in the process helped to raise €11,000 for electricAid ireland. While no one individual suggested the selected name, staff inputs played an important role in informing the naming process. All those who submitted suggestions were entered in a draw and thirty lucky winners each received shopping vouchers to the value of €100 for the eSB online Store. The selection of a name of course is only one component and we must Winners of staff naming competition draw Joop Seebus, icT Group Susan McNicholl, energy international Derek Ball, eSB electric ireland Donal Walsh, energy international Bernadette Comerford, eSB electric ireland Paul O’Connor, energy international David Murphy, energy international Chloe Kinsella, energy international Anthony Connolly, Networks James Foley, Services Alan Daisey, eSB electric ireland David O’Neill, Networks Daryn Hughes, Services Anthony Kearns, Networks Brian Gray, energy international Adrian Harney, Networks Caitlin Neary, eSB electric ireland Catherine Hughes, eSB electric ireland Ray Aherne, Networks Liam Molloy, Manager Electric Ireland making the draw. http://www.esb.ie/em http://www.svp.ie/appeal

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