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2 NEWS Feb/Mar 2011 www.esb.ie/em Editor’s desk bErNiE hEaly to the Feb/March edition of EM. Letters Dear Sirs, i WOUlD liKe to take this opportunity to thank members of staff of the eSB local office in Mullingar. this day last week there was an interruption to our electricity supply in Dalton Park. i did not have the opportunity to make other arrangements for my elderly mother who lives there and is in need of a nebulizer 4 times a day. One phone call to the 1850 number and having spoken to a lovely lady there i was then called from the local depot of eSB. it was arranged that a cable would be brought into the house so my mother could get the medication she needed. this was very much appreciated. We had another power interruption and my mother had a clinic to attend - we came back armed with our hot coffee to find a number of yellow trucks in the street with staff at work but we still had power! i then remembered that the nice lady i spoke to first had told me that my mother’s details would be put on a list that would flag her as “priority” - i expect this is why we have power and i am so grateful for that. all too often people will only write to complain about a lack of service - i think it’s only proper to write and thank people when things go right also. So could you please pass on our thanks to the local Mullingar office and in particular to the crew that worked in Dalton Park. Kind regards and again many thanks linda arnold ESB Schools – Business Partnership Michelle Doyle and Maria Greene of ESb interview pupil adam Carroll. anita rock, ESb Sustainability, Maria Greene and Michelle Doyle with pupils from rosmini School. Hello and welcome With all the issues that seem to be out of our control at present, one of the things we can have an influence over is how we take care of our own well-being. a faster pace of life, stress over finances, worries about jobs for our children and families – all these things take their toll. More and more we read and hear about organisations such as MaBS who can help in offering people advice on issues around budgeting and managing finances. eM endeavours to cover as many issues as possible in relation to staff welfare – health, money matters, lifestyle. While this might seem a very wide field, in a lot of cases the issues that affect most people can often be crystallised into a smaller number which are common across a lot of families. We in eM publicise a wide range of groups that can offer advice in these times – eaP services, health Services, Financial advice, Safety health & Wellbeing, St. Patrick’s Credit Union, SPORtSCO and other leisure interests. So if you have a particular topic or question you would like covered please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try, if at all possible, to get an answer for you or bring you more information on the subject. Can i also thank the many of you that returned our Reader’s Survey. as well as providing information for us to further enhance your reading, it will also bring additional funds to electricaid, so you are helping on the double. the analysis of the survey will be carried out over the next few weeks and we will bring you the results in the next edition of eM. Draw results SPORTSCO DECEmBER 2010 DRAW Prize €3,000 €1,500 €1,000 €200 €200 €200 €200 €200 €200 Name, Location thomas Cooke,Waterford James Glynn, Retired Nuala Cantillon, limerick aoife Rooney, Clanwilliam Michael Casey, Retired Gerard loughnane, Glaway Rosanna Mahon, Retired Colm Kavanagh, Retired emer McGowan,Westmeath ROSMiNi SChOOl (Pobalscoil Rosmini) was founded in 1970 in north inner city Dublin. today the school provides support for students pursuing all levels of Junior and leaving Certificate qualification as well as offering specialised support for visually impaired students. Rosmini is one of the schools participating in the Business in the Community ireland Schools’ Business Partnership Programme. the Programme links business with schools in an effort to encourage students to remain in school and complete their education to leaving Certificate level by introducing them to the world of work and college. the 2010/2011 academic year is the sixth year that eSB has been the link company for Rosmini School. the Programme run by eSB for the school is focused on fifth year students and elements of the programme include a chance for students to meet eSB staff and learn about their various career paths and experiences, CV development and mock interview events and a site visit (this year to turlough hill). at the end of each year students give their feedback on how useful and enjoyable they have found the programme so that it can be further improved for future students. the programme is co-ordinated by anita Rock, a member of eSB’s Sustainability team, and supported by staff across the company who voluntarily give their time during the career day and site visit events and by Group hR who manage the CV development and mock interviews. Germaine Noonan, co-ordinator of the BitC Schools Programme, believes it can make a real difference to young people thinking about their options, “it is very encouraging to see how interested students are in engaging with eSB staff about their own ambitions and to see how much more accessible they perceive qualifications and jobs to be following their participation in the programme”, she says. anita Rock, eSB’s co-ordinator, thinks the programme provides a great opportunity for staff as well as students “the students in this year’s programme are interested and enthusiastic to learn about new technologies and to listen to experiences of others before stepping into the world of work themselves. the programme has been a great experience for everyone involved”. From the school’s perspective, the programme is a very effective link from the academic to the business world giving students an insight into the world of work that would otherwise be very difficult to replicate. “We think that this programme has a positive impact on decisions that students make about completing their education – they see how qualifications now lead to opportunities later and about how enjoyable work and college can be” says Philip Mcelwee, the school’s Guidance Counsellor. n For more information about the BITC Schools’ Business Partnership contact Anita Rock at ESB Head Office or visit www.bitc.ie EM welcomes news, views, articles, letters, photos and feedback on any topic. All submitted articles should preferably be e-mailed. Please contact: Bernie Healy, Editor T (01) 702 7402 (office) extn. 27402 (internal) M 087 261 5514 F (01) 676 0727 internal outlook address: Healy.Bernie external email address: Bernie.healy@esb.ie Closing date: Competitions and crosswords must be returned by March 16th. Deadlines: The deadline for articles, photos, etc. for the next issue is March 16th. We are always delighted to receive items for publication. Published by Corporate Affairs, ESB. Produced by Zahra Publishing Ltd. First Floor, Barker House, Church Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow. E custom@zahrapublishing.com www.esb.ie The views expressed in EM are not necessarily those of ESB. XX% SPORTSCO JAnuARy 2011 DRAW Prize Name, Location €3,000 Catherina McManus, head Office €1,500 John O’Brien, Retired €1,000 William Quilliam, eSBi €200 Gregory Victory, Finglas €200 George lawlor, Retired €200 Frank Shiel, eSBi €200 Michael Casey, Retired €200 angela Cooney,VSS €200 Patrick Cooney, head Office How to make the most of IT by Eddie Nally Anne Deignan Administrative Assistant T (01) GUIDE UCT LABELLING702 6282 (office) extn. 26282 (internal) M 087 280 6615 (mobile) F (01) 676 0727 internal outlook address: Deignan.Anne external email address: Anne.deignan@esb.ie LOGO Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX XX% Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX ESB supports recycling www.repak.ie Please recycle this paper 100 MS1 MS2 MS3 MS4 Sustainability in school DVD Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX MS5 RE1 page 08 COLOUR Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXXX Cert no. 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