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Governance WWF INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORS* Director General *As at March 2013 Mr Jim Leape – Executive Director – Global and Regional Policy – Species – Public Sector Partnerships Dr Lifeng Li – Freshwater Mr Tony Long – European Policy Office Mr Richard McLellan – Footprint Mr Janos Pasztor – Policy and Science Mr Laurent Somé – Partnership/Development Africa Dr Peter James Stephenson – Conservation Strategy and Performance Mr John Tanzer – Marine Mr Rodney Taylor – Forests Dr Roberto Troya – Latin America and Caribbean Dr Georg Schwede – Programme Office Management Ms Tiffany Becker – Programme Office Performance and Development Dr Maarten Kappelle – Programme Office Conservation Performance Mr Frederick Kumah – Africa/Europe Dr Isabelle Louis – Asia/Pacific Dr Joshua Tewksbury – Director Mr Sudhanshu Sarronwala – Executive Director Ms Danielle Chidlow (a.i. Ms Winnie De’Ath) – Brand Strategy Mr Mitch Hinz – Global Membership Mr Andy Ridley – Executive Director Earth Hour Mr Oscar Soria Communications and Marketing Mr Lasse Gustavsson Dr Timothy Geer Luc Hoffmann Institute – Executive Affairs Dr Carlos Drews Programme Office Management – Network Relations Ms Susan Brown Conservation Dr Christopher Hails Ms Pascale Moehrle Director General’s Office – External and Media Relations – Corporate Relations Mr Peter Dickinson – Finance and Administration Ms Linda Humphrey – Global ICT Mr Christopher Hutton – People and Organization Development Mr Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud – One Planet Leaders Ms Carol Monoyios – Development Mr Jean-Paul Paddack Legal Advisor – Chief Operating Officer – Performance and Evolution Ms Maria Boulos Development Ms Judy Slatyer Mr Pratik Bhatnagar Operations – International Business Development Mr Michael Rogers OBE WWF-INT Annual Review 2012 page 41

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Annual Review 2012

Annual Review 2012
Foreword from Yolanda Kakabadse
A message from Jim Leape
Kill the trade
Saving special places
Harmony with nature
Public sector partnerships
Corporate partnerships
Our donors
WWF International accounts 2012
WWF International directors
WWF International board of trustees 2012
The WWF Network

Annual Review 2012