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Our partnerships OUR DONORS Investing now for a sustainable future From individual members who make a monthly donation to trusts and foundations pledging millions of dollars, WWF depends on the financial support of those who care about the planet. We’re grateful to everyone who believes that stopping the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature is something worth investing in. Campaign for a Living Planet The Campaign for a Living Planet, which helps fund our 13 Global Initiatives, continues to be the focus of our fundraising efforts. We aim to raise US$100 million over five years to achieve the ambitious goals of these initiatives and catalyse change on an even greater scale. By June 2012, pledges reached almost US$40 million, with several new partners joining the campaign. As ever we are grateful to the chair of the Campaign for a Living Planet Steering Committee, André Hoffmann, for his inspiring leadership, and to other committee members for their active involvement. Honorary Circle The Honorary Circle recognizes WWF International’s top philanthropists and their support. We would like to thank the following members of the Honorary Circle: • Miel de Botton for her ongoing and growing commitment to support our leadership and innovation work in the Campaign for a Living Planet. • André Hoffmann and MAVA for leadership gifts to the Campaign for a Living Planet and continued commitment to WWF. • Kristian Parker and Oak Foundation for leadership in conservation philanthropy and commitment to protecting oceans and combating climate change. • Claudio and Anne Segré and Fondation Segré for their ongoing support and new commitment towards global action against poaching and illegal wildlife trade. Conservation Leaders Our partnerships with foundations and major donors are the bedrock of our work. We are grateful to the following Conservation Leaders for their generous support: Philippe Bertherat is helping us achieve the ambitious targets of our Global Initiatives through his crucial support to the Campaign for a Living Planet Leadership and Innovation Fund. Sergi Ferrer-Salat is supporting the Campaign for a Living Planet Leadership and Innovation Fund, enabling us to create transformational changes to protect biodiversity and reduce humanity’s footprint on the Earth. GoodPlanet and The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation both support our projects in Madagascar GoodPlanet along with Etc Terra association, continues to support and manage with WWF the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests in Madagascar, which is closely linked to our Forest and Climate Initiative. By reducing deforestation and forest degradation, it aims to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, improve the livelihoods of local communities and preserve Madagascar’s unique biodiversity. As part of our Tigers Alive Initiative, the Hans-Wilsdorf Foundation is supporting our work in India and Nepal to protect the species’ last remaining refuges, contributing towards our goal of doubling the number of wild tigers by 2022. Our valued MAVA partnership has enabled us to make a significant difference to the long-term conservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean and West Africa regions, along with other important conservation hotspots in Europe, Russia and Mongolia. One of the most important protected areas projects MAVA and WWF have ever undertaken ended this year with over 8.5 million hectares of protected areas WWF-INT Annual Review 2012 page 32

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Annual Review 2012
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