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Overview saving speCial plaCes Index Value (1970 = 1) 2 Global Living Planet Index Confidence limits Through our Global Initiatives, we’re working on large-scale solutions to conserve the integrity of the world’s most outstanding natural places 1 Living Amazon 2 Green Heart of Africa hyDropower tool 0 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2008 Year READ THE LIVING PLANET REPORT 2012 Global Living Planet Index (WWF / ZSL, 2012) Our Living Planet Index shows almost a 30% decline in species populations over the last four decades. In the tropics, the drop is more than 60% “So much life in the Amazon depends on healthy, freeflowing rivers. With 150 dams planned in the region, it’s essential to define priority areas for freshwater conservation to guarantee the connectivity and integrity of the hydrological system. As part of a framework for supporting decision-making, we’ve developed a tool to assess potential impacts from hydropower development. It’s already being used by Brazilian authorities in the Tapajos river basin. At the same time, we’re pushing regional governments to consider energy efficiency and other forms of renewable energy before advancing the hydropower frontier into the Amazon.” “The thought of oil exploitation in Virunga National Park, Africa’s richest natural treasure and a World Heritage Site, is outrageous. If foreign companies’ plans to drill for oil were realized, it would be a disaster for the park’s extraordinary range of species, including mountain gorillas, and the tens of thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on its natural resources. We’re campaigning to get the Congolese government and the companies involved to abandon all plans for oil exploitation in Virunga – which go against all we’re doing to protect the Congo Basin’s forests and promote sustainable development in the region.” Pedro Bara-Neto, Infrastructure Strategy Leader, Living Amazon Initiative 1 virunga CaMpaign Zach Abraham, Head of Global Campaigns 150 hyDropower DaMs planneD in aMaZon +94 Mountain gorilla numbers rose from 786 in 2010 to 880 in 2012 WWF-INT Annual Review 2012 page 18

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Annual Review 2012
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Annual Review 2012