Onside Issue 6 - 24

Biography - Michael Beverley

How was it you came to be part of

Outside of the board room, where
might we find you?

I was asked by one of Seneca's co-founders,
Ian Currie to join the Seneca Partners' board as
Chairman back in 2010. From Ian's point of view
I don't think it was a difficult sell and I was both
humbled to be asked and excited to play a part in
an ambitious growth journey. I first met Ian in the
early 1990s when he was running the northern
office for Peel Hunt stockbrokers in Leeds. Since
then we have both been involved in and grown
many businesses so it's great to unite with Ian and
Seneca and work together to develop something
really special and truly unique in the marketplace.

Generally if I'm not working then one of my
favourite destinations is Elland Road, watching
Leeds United who are one of my greatest
passions. I was a Main Board member from 1989
to 1995 and involved when the club was the last
one to win the First Division the season before
the Premier League was formed in 1992/93. I
learnt a lot about the courage and judgement it
takes to be a successful football manager. I tell
my 10 year old grandson who is a Leeds United
supporter that being a fan of Leeds will teach you
to live with disappointment.

Are there any notable parallels
between OneMedicalGroup and

Away from football I have a number of pro-bono
roles. I am Chairman of the Monteverdi Choir and
Orchestras - the English Baroque Soloists and the
Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique - which
is fortunate to have HRH the Prince of Wales as an
active and genuine supporter of the work of our
founder and Artistic Director, the world famous
Sir John Eliot Gardiner. The Choir is consistently
acclaimed as one of the best choirs in the world
and through my involvement I have experienced
many of their world class performances of the
works of Monteverdi, Bach, et al. which makes for
a genuinely rewarding experience. Furthermore I
am heavily involved with the University of Leeds
where I am a member of Court, a member of
the Commercialisation Advisory Board and a
founding member of the Campaign Board aiming
to raise £100 million. In the
past I was Chairman of
Opera North from
1998 to 2010 and
was previously a
Governor of Leeds

The most obvious similarity is the heavily regulated
nature of the markets that both companies
operate in. OneMedicalGroup is regulated by
the Quality Care Commission in all that it does.
OneMedicalGroup, at every level, puts patient
well-being at the forefront of its strategy and
operations. Every one of our practices has been
visited twice by the QCC in the last 18 months,
demonstrating their clear commitment to
ensuring high standards of quality and patient
safety across the board.
Seneca works in an equally regulated space
with the only difference being that rather than
a person's clinical health, Seneca are heavily
policed to ensure they perform to the best
of their abilities when it comes to handling
people's capital. Beyond anything else Seneca are
intrinsically conscious that they are dealing with
investors' hard-earnt money and the top-down
ethos that all investment decisions should be
made as if you were investing your own cash is
inherently prominent.


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