In Broadcast - January 2018 - 59

59 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018

Studio Audio Monitors

Genelec monitors featured in the production
of the recent Voice of Finland series

room. In addition, with the ability to
patch, route, and selectively monitor
any combination of 24 analogue, 24
digital and 256 networked sources
including DANTE via an optional
interface, Intonato 24 will easily be
right at home in any professional
studio environment.
Intonato 24 pairs with JBL 7 Series
and JBL M2 Master Reference studio
monitors to create "the first complete
monitoring system designed for
immersive audio production in control
rooms of any size". While Intonato 24
was designed as the hub of JBL's new
7 Series installed reference monitor

system, the unit can be used with
any passive or powered speaker. In
addition, HarmanBLU link network
protocol allows Intonato 24 to be
digitally networked with Crown power
amplifiers and an assortment of
system components.
Genelec reports that its 8331 and
8341 Compact Coaxial Monitors,
known as 'The Ones' along with the
larger 8351, have been nominated for
a Technical Excellence & Creativity
(TEC) Award for Outstanding Technical
Achievement in the Studio Monitor
category. The 33rd annual TEC Awards
will be presented this month (January)


at The NAMM Show in Anaheim,
"It is a tremendous honour that our
8331 and 8341 have been nominated
Genelec's 8331/41 (& 8351) Compact
outstanding technical achievement,"
Coaxial Monitors have been nominated
stated Will Eggleston, Genelec Inc.
for a TEC Award for Outstanding
Technical Achievement
Marketing Director. "It is great to be
recognised by our peers for Genelec's buying PSI Audio A14-M, A17-M, A21-M
hard work, dedication and innovation monitors and A125-M subwoofers.
in Finland, making the 8331 and 8341
"All in all, it was a four-month
a reality. They are truly incredibly process," reveals Jérémy Rodeschini.
performing products."
Senior Supervising Engineer. "People
Finally, Swiss studio monitor are very passionate about speakers."
manufacturer PSI Audio was chosen He also highlights the reliability of
to provide the audio monitoring the Swiss manufacturer: "They came
for dozens of new studios at the over here on multiple occasions, so
National Film and Television School in we knew they would be there if we
Beaconsfield near London.
needed them. We felt appreciated by
At the audio branch, every student PSI Audio."
can use their own studio
standards for the duration
of the course, and the school
wanted to specify monitors
that could reproduce sound
NFTS picked PSI Audio
monitors from an initial set of
PSI Audio at the National Television & Film School
seven brands and 15 models,

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