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58 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018


Studio Audio Monitors
Contributing Editor Jim Evans has the
latest news from behind the mixing desk...


ith the KH 80 DSP,
that only partners
Neumann.Berlin launched
to brands and
its first studio monitor with digital
products it truly
signal processing. "Our DSP
believes in. After
engine is an in-house development
that primarily takes a formerly
with the team and
unknown variable and makes it
calculable: the room. Expect clear,
way they operate,
high-precision sound wherever
I felt immediately
you are monitoring," explains
at home and could
Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of
With the KH 80 DSP, see the value they
Neumann.Berlin launched would bring to
its first studio monitor
Thanks to the Neumann.
with digital signal our growing user
processing base."
Control software, in the future
the new KH 80 DSP two-way near-field
"At Sound Network, we only want
studio monitor will be able to fully to be associated with the brands that
calibrate itself to the room. This can deliver extremely high quality and
be performed either automatically we think Quested firmly fits in this
(Precision Alignment), with some category," says Adam Pierce, Sales &
simple questions (Guided Alignment), Marketing Director for Sound Network.
or adjusted with complete flexibility "With Quested's legacy in the business
using the built in eight-band fully and its new drive to succeed we are
(Manual confident that we can provide the
signature Sound Network touch and
"In the KH series we have always bring success to the brand."
been obsessed with the details when it
"In the '80s my main job was
comes to the calculation and modelling visiting professional studios in the
of the drivers, waveguide and cabinet," UK," adds Ralph Dunlop, Director
emphasises Fraissinet. The KH 80 DSP of Sound Network, who remembers
is designed as a monitor solution for being blown away by the Quested
recording, mixing and mastering in monitors in Lillie Yard, SARM, Abbey
project, music, broadcasting and post- Road, Mike Oldfield's studio and a few
production studios.
others. "They seemed to be head and
shoulders above the rest in
terms of clarity, transparency
and wellie! I guess it is
Network is being given this
opportunity to join forces with
Quested, having been a fan for
so long. It is always exciting
to be associated with a topquality product, manufactured
Reference: Quested V2108 monitor
by consummate professionals with
Quested has built a reputation for knowledge, and who really care and
manufacturing some of the best studio take pride in what they do. We are all
monitor speakers in the business. It looking forward to a long and fruitful
recently appointed Sound Network as union."
its new UK distributor shortly before
its takeover by microphone specialist AES in New York,
PMC launched the
"Quested has a phenomenal history 'result6'
and reputation and we want to Nearfield
partner with likeminded companies," billed
says the company's Director, Stuart "an
Down. "Sound Network has earned to the benefits of
a fantastic reputation as one of the PMC's unique ATL
best distributors in the UK, and one technology".

twoway active result6
twoway design features
a 27mm soft-dome
tweeter with dispersion
grille and a mid/bass unit
composed of a doped natural fibre,
both custom-designed for the result6.
The LF driver was developed using
a laser-based measurement system,
recently introduced into the design
process at PMC, which determines
the electromechanical performance
of the driver with extreme accuracy
and allows the bass driver to be
perfectly integrated with the Advanced
Transmission Line - the proprietary
bass-loading system at the heart of all
PMC products.
"The result6 provides the perfect
introduction to the benefits of ATL
technology for audio professionals
new to our range," explains Oliver
Thomas, PMC's Head of Design. "Of
course, as is the PMC way, a great
deal of advanced design work has
been involved behind the scenes.
There are no overly complex DSPbased user options or room profiles;
instead, the result6 achieves its
characteristically neutral, dependable
reference sound solely on the strength
of its meticulous engineering. From
the user's perspective, you can plug
it in and immediately trust what
you hear, allowing you to create the
best-sounding results in the shortest
possible time."
Harman Professional Solutions
recently introduced the new JBL
Intonato 24 Monitor Management
Tuning System, billed as "the
solution for easy set-up, precise
automated calibration, and complete
control of monitoring systems in
stereo, surround, and immersive
audio production rooms". Housed in
a 2U rack-mount enclosure, Intonato
24 can calibrate and control systems
of up to 24 speakers with customised

JBL Intonato 24 Monitor
Management Tuning System

recallable routing of up to 24 sources
selected from 24 dedicated analogue,
24 digital and 256 networked audio
sources. Included software and an
optional Desktop Controller put the
system's powerful monitoring features
at your fingertips, and take control
room monitoring to the next level.
"While the approach to control room
monitoring has remained relatively
consistent over the years, audio
signal paths, production workflows,
and production spaces have evolved
tremendously," said Peter Chaikin,
Director, Recording Solutions at
Harman International. "With Intonato
24, JBL set out to create the heart of
a complete next-generation system
that takes control room monitoring to
the next level, empowering content
creators to produce consistently
superior output regardless of the
spaces where they find themselves - or
the formats they are asked to deliver."
Intonato 24 includes a calibration
microphone and innovative Automated
Speaker Calibration process that
"tunes" each speaker to compensate
for speaker placement and room
acoustics, delivering neutral response
to the mix position - even in lessthan-ideal work spaces. The result is
a finely-tuned system that takes the
guesswork out of mixing by tackling
room-related low-frequency issues
and precisely matching the level and
"time-of-flight" from each speaker to
the mix position.
Intonato 24 comes standard
with the most I/O in its class and
features flexible internal routing and
a mixer to provide unprecedented
monitoring flexibility. With the power
to manage monitoring systems of
up to 24 speakers - including up
to four subwoofers that can be
assigned as "Bass Management"
subs with selectable crossover
settings - Intonato 24 is compatible
with all monitoring formats including
stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and makes immersive
monitoring possible in any control
At the recent AES in New York,
PMC launched the result6
Compact Nearfield Monitor

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