In Broadcast - January 2018 - 57

57 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018

What's New In Video Displays
And Monitors cont'd...
include on-screen video timecode,
three-colour tallies, and audio
presence indicator.
Panasonic's BT-4LH310 is a
787.4mm (31 type) professional LCD 4K
monitor intended for use at 4K image
production worksites. Performance
parameters include 4096x2160 pixel
resolution and DCI (P3) colour gamut.
Plura's PBM-4K-UHD monitors can
operate at up to 3840x2160 resolution.
Compatible with SMPTE 2082 and
earlier standards, it has two 12G/3G/
HD/SD-SDI inputs with active looping
plus an SFP slot to handle IP and fibre
I/O. Also introduced by Plura is a JPEG2000 (J2K) decoder in a Small Form
Factor (SFP) pluggable module for use
with its SFP-3G series 3Gbps 1080p
LCD HD broadcast monitors. The Plura
SFP-3G series includes the SFP-217-3G
17-inch, SFP-221-3G 21-inch, SFP-2243G 24-inch and SFP-232-3G 32-inch
Samsung at the January 2017
Consumer Electronics Show in Las
Vegas introduced a CH711 'Quantum
Dot' gaming monitor with 2,560x1440
pixel resolution. The display has a

1.8metre radius curve and a picturein-picture mode. It will be produced in
27-inch and 31.5-inch versions.
Sony's Trimaster EL OLED broadcast
monitors are available in 7.4-inch
to 25-inch sizes. In addition, the
PVM-X550 55-inch UHD OLED picture
monitor has a resolution of 3840x2160
pixels. Features include quad view,
high dynamic range and a wide
colour gamut supporting DCI-P3. The
monitor's thin bezel edges and light
weight allow easy wall mounting.
TV Logic's LUM-240G is a 24-inch
3840x2160 resolution monitor with
two 3G-SDI and two 12G-SDI inputs.
It can handle multiple video formats
including 12G/3G/HD-SDI and HDMI
2.0. The LUM-240G provides wide
colour gamut up to DCI and includes a
Transvideo's StarliteRF is a 5-inch
1280x720 pixel OLED wireless video
production monitor with a built-in
wireless receiver. It operates on
the 5.8GHz ISM band and has a topmounted antenna plus a rear Sony
prosumer battery connection. An
H,264-format SD card video recorder/

player is incorporated.
StargateFHD is a 7-inch 1920x1080
picture monitor with an inbuilt SD card
recorder. Compatible with 4K sources,
is has 1000 candela per square metre
brightness. The monitor has a 3G/HDSDI inoput, HDMI input and a 3G/HD/
SD-SDI output.
Video Devices recently introduced
features for its PIX-E Series of
4K-compatible recording monitors
with the release of Firmware Version
3.50. With this firmware update the
PIX-E Series offers the ability to add,
delete, and locate to cue markers,
create a custom playlist and loop
playback of individual recordings,
regions or playlists. Users can add
cue markers both while recording
and during playback. When combined
with existing features such as pause
and jog, users can now also set
frame-accurate cue markers and later
navigate to them with a quick press
of the fast forward or rewind buttons.
Another new playback tool is looping,
which lets a user loop sections of a
recording, the entire recording, or
even an entire playlist of recorded
files. You can loop forward, in reverse,
in slow motion, or at high speed.


Video Devices PIX-E

ViewZ's VZ-240PM-PL is a 24-inch
3G-SDI, 3D LUT video production
monitor with an LED backlit LCD
panel and 10-bit internal processing.
Features include 1020x1200 resolution
vectorscope display.
Wohler Technologies' iAM-Video
rack-mountable monitor can display
video on a front panel touchscreen.
It is equipped to monitor MPEG-IP,
2022, and 12G-SDI video. Audio and
video metering capabilities include
analogue, AES3 and MADI inputs, with
options for VoIP formats including
MPEG2/4 TS and SMPTE 2022, AoIP
formats including Dante, Ravenna and
AES67, 3G/HD/SD-SDI and a range
of additional I/O options via an SFP
interface. The monitor includes front
mounting speakers and subwoofers.

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