In Broadcast - January 2018 - 42

42 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018


NewTek 3Play 3P1 IP-Based
Sports Production

ewTek has introduced its
3Play 3P1, hailed as
the most cost-effective,
easy-to-use and featurerich replay solution in the
world with native IP video
3G S D I
input, cross conversion, and output.
An intuitive dual-channel "first replay"
telestration solution allows talent to
draw over live NDI video, or optionally
reverse-keyed on the field-of-play on
any PC, tablet, or touchscreen with a
single network cable.
Via NDI, NewTek's innovative
video over IP technology, 3Play 3P1
automatically translates connected
SDI sources to NDI, enabling local
inputs to be shared simultaneously
across the network with compatible
systems and devices. Built-in dualchannel "first replay" telestration
empowers on-air talent with transport
controls to start, stop, and scrub

video in either direction.
Users also benefit from
the presence of familiar
workflow paradigms for
sports production and replay,
recognisable from not only
current and previous 3Play
systems, but established solutions
from other manufacturers as well.
"3Play 3P1 gives the producer more
power on game day than any other
turnkey sports production system,"
said Dr Andrew Cross, President and
CTO for NewTek. "It doesn't matter
whether you are producing on a
traditional infrastructure or moving to
an IP workflow, our goal is to provide
all of the tools needed to give fans the

powerhouse delivering a full IP
workflow that is the most costeffective
production solution in the world.
3Play 3P1 natively supports
custom user-interfaces to be
built from almost any browser
on any networked device via
NewTek LivePanel, available
as an option. Multi-channel
recording, internal transitions,
and more make 3Play
3P1 the ideal
for almost any
NewTek's connectivity, 3Play 3P1 delivers
3Play 3P1 competitive
advantages ideal
best possible for contemporary sports networks,
viewing experience, production companies, professional
whether they are on the sports organisations, college athletic
couch, on their phone or sitting in the programs, esports producers, and
venues limited by conventional
3Play 3P1's tight integration with replay systems that want to leverage
NewTek IP Series, TriCaster TC1, modern
and NVG1 Graphics Server create and
an unparalleled IP production workflows.

Fox Brazil Uses InfinitySet's

or the first time in Latin America,
Fox's Brazilian sports channel is
tele-transporting presenters live from
the studio to the football field in realtime to enhance its coverage of the
Copa Libertadores.
Brainstorm, a specialist company
dedicated to providing industryleading real-time 3D graphics and
virtual set solutions, and Fox Brazil,
the Brazilian 24-hour subscription
Sports channel, have used the
InfinitySet's TeleTransport feature to
provide new, innovative and creative
ways for the coverage of the Copa
Libertadores for the semi-finals and
exclusive to Brainstorm, seamlessly
combines 3D virtual sets with real
characters and live or pre-recorded
video feeds, all moving accordingly
with precise matching of perspective,
colour, shadows, reflections or focus.
This technology also allowed the

presenter to be virtually sent from the
broadcaster's central studios to the
football field, so the audience saw him
giving an on-site report, while he was
physically at the Fox headquarters.
InfinitySet's TeleTransporter allows
the real-time matching of the camera
tracking and perspective of both
sites, that of the studio where the
chromakeyed sports presenter is, and
the one from the remote location's live
feed where the presenter is going to
be placed. InfinitySet also allows the

inclusion of virtual shadows, colour
correction and other elements to
improve the realism of the final scene.
Additionally, Fox Brazil extensively
used Augmented Reality on set, with
full perspective and accuracy, showing
different 3D elements including the
football clubs' badges and also social
media content and other graphics.
According to Luis Santos, Head of
Engineering and Operations, Fox
Sports, "Fox is proud of being an
innovative and creative channel, and
this coverage of the Copa Libertadores
proves once again our commitment
with the most advanced technology.

That is why we have chosen
Brainstorm's InfinitySet advanced
TeleTransporter features to enhance
our live shows getting the best of our
resources at any time".
"We are absolutely pleased with the
results obtained by FOX using our
technology, which really provides
new ways to tell a story with greater
flexibility. To achieve this, Brainstorm
also counted with the support from
EXEC Technology, the company's
appointed reseller for Brazil," says
Borja Chirivella, Regional Sales
Director for Brainstorm.
Fox Brazil sports channel

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