In Broadcast - January 2018 - 32

32 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018


A Look Forward To 2018 In APAC

Dr Amal Punchihewa examines some of the
pertinent topics affecting the APAC region...


or the year 2018, broadcasters in
Asia-Pacific (APAC) will be looking
at how best converged technologies
including IP can be used in their
broadcast operations.
Though only five countries have
analogue television broadcasting
completely, multi-platform delivery
including Over-The-Top (OTT) services
are consolidating for incumbent and
newcomers to the broadcast media
A number of IP events including
the IP Showcase during BCA2017
highlighted future trends in media
operations from production to
delivery. Having developed SMPTE
vital standards to enable high level
of interoperability, broadcasters are
incorporating IP in complete workflow
and production chain appropriately.
Some of the broadcasters have already
built some facilities based on IP
2018 will be crucial year for APAC

digital radio broadcast activities.
Late last year, ASEAN countries
agreed to cooperate on digital radio
broadcasting during a workshop
organised by ASEAN secretariat.
As television services continued to
offer an increasingly wide range of
high quality content, listeners are
looking at high quality sound and
combined delivery with broadband
as a hybrid service. Thailand has
carried out a number of studies in
collaboration with ITU. In December
2017, Thailand regulator NBTC
and ITU organised a conference
and a workshop to review digital
broadcasting services for both
television and radio.
In 2017, ABU lead Integrated
development and deployment of
technologies and services with
relevant stakeholders. In September
2017, over 70 broadcasters attended
the fifth three-day workshop on
this topic. This year the workshop

Tedial Expands Role
Of LATAM Regional
Sales Director

xperienced industry veteran José
Luis Montero's remit has been
expanded to include the Middle East
and he will continue to grow Tedial's
strong profile in the region.
Tedial, a leading independent MAM
technology solutions specialist, has
announced that its Regional Sales
Director, LATAM, José Luis Montero's
role will also now include the Middle
East region. Montero, who has been
with Tedial since April 2017, has vast
experience over 25 years covering
territories including Spain, Portugal
and Latin America for companies such
as Quantel (now SAM)
and SGO.
"Over the past
eight months, Jose
Luis has done an
and is an asset
to our team and

clients in the region," says Esther
Mesas, Tedial CMO/CSO. "His proven
track record in strategic planning
and customer development, and
his experience and strong customer
advocacy will provide consistent and
targeted efforts as he continues to
raise Tedial's profile in the Middle
"I'm very happy to begin 2018 with
this new challenge," said Montero.
"Tedial is a superb company with
progressive technology that enables
it to stay ahead of the curve. We
provide customers with scalable and
expandable solutions that allow them
to streamline their business and grow
their facilities as new technology
becomes available, without limitation.
The Middle East is an exciting region
and I'm looking forward to working
with new and existing customers."
Montero will be attending CABSAT

Tedial's José Luis Montero

Dr Amal Punchihewa

addressed the issues arising in the use
of such technologies from production
to delivery.
A number of countries have
adopted IBB technologies to offer
very competitive services that work
delivery and broadband delivery.

Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia
broadcasters have enjoying the
features, benefits and converged
media environment. Among them
are programme and App discovery,
catch up, favourites, reminders,
recommendations and so on value
added services.
CDN services have been obtained
by broadcasters in addition to
private CDN that they may have.
Last two years, we have seen
the immergence of multi-CDNs.
In the year 2018 broadcasters
ma evaluate use of multi-CDN
to improve service quality while
improving availability and by
sharing as an alliance to lower the
cost of CDN services.
All those topics will be addressed in
workshops, seminars, conferences and
Forums in the coming year including
BCA2018 in June.

Dr Amal Punchihewa is the Director
Technology and Innovation of ABU, and
the Vice Chair of World Broadcasting
Union Technical Committee.

The 15th Asia
Media Summit

ince 2004 AIBD in collaboration
with its member countries and
partners has organised the annual Asia
Media Summit (AMS).
Hosted by India, the 15th Asia Media
Summit will be held in New Delhi from
May 10 to 12, 2018.
The conference provides a unique
opportunity for broadcasters in
the region to share their thoughts
on media development. Decision
scholars, and stakeholders of news
and programming from Asia, Pacific,
Africa, Europe, Middle East and North
America have been attending this
annual conference. Almost all regional
and international broadcasting unions
and associations support the Asia
Media Summit.
For 2018, Asia Media Summit will
have the theme Telling Our Stories -
Asia and More.
Asia is a huge mine of stories
and storytellers. For centuries, the
continent has retold and reinterpreted
epic works such as the Mahabharata
and Ramayana from India, Shahnameh

from Iran, Journey to the West and
Dream of the Red Mansion from China,
and Tale of Genji from Japan.
This art has survived and flourished
despite wars, natural calamities
and developmental challenges, and
during our time has been epitomised
by the sustained developments in
broadcasting and the continual growth
of films.

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