In Broadcast - January 2018 - 23

23 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018

Looking Ahead To CABSAT

Leader LV5333
3G/HD/SD-SDI waveform monitor

playlist editing, advanced playlist
export to EPGs and automated linking
of stored assets. Neo TS Time Delay,
making its first CABSAT appearance,
is a 1U IP-based delay server providing
fully transparent delay of IP transport
streams such as DVB/ATSC MPEG
broadcast-quality compressed video
and audio. Designed for broadcasters
operating across multiple time zones,
it integrates fully with the AirBox
Neo product family and offers a wide
range of timing options which can be
assigned to a single administrator or
specified operators. New workflow
features for other modules in the
Neo series will be demonstrated.
These include the ability to integrate
ProductionAirBox Neo closely with
the Associated Press ENPS news

production system via MOS gateway.
SocialMediaBoxNeo gains a new
Facebook API implementation with the
ability to re-use archived feeds and the
display of 'likes' for each post.
Sonifex' recently introduced AVNTB6D is a six-button desktop version of
the AVN-TB6 intercom with a smaller
form factor and a sloped front. It has
the same features and connectivity.
The AVN-TB20AR is a 2RU rackmount
20-button version of the AVN-TB10AR
with the same specification but more
station buttons. The 20-button AVNTB20AD is a desktop version of the
rackmount AVN-TB20AR intercom,
again with a smaller form factor and a
sloped front.
Spectra Logic's LTO-8 Type M
storage media provides a 50%
increase in capacity from 6TB to 9TB
using new LTO-7 media. Customers
who normally wait for the latest
generation of LTO tape to be cost
effective before upgrading can now
add LTO-8 drives and Spectra Certified
LTO-8 Type M media to a Spectra
library. Once an LTO-7 cartridge has
been converted to LTO-8 Type M, it can
store up to 22.5TB of compressed data
per cartridge.


enhancements to its Wirecast live
Lightspeed Live Stream encoding,
streaming and distribution system,
Lightspeed Live Capture enterpriseclass capture system, and iQ
monitoring. Telestream will also
demonstrate the capabilities of
recently acquired IneoQuest which
specialises in video quality monitoring
and analytics for content distribution
across managed and unmanaged
TSL Products' MPA1 Mix SDI audio
monitor allows easy creation of audio
monitor mixes composed of embedded
SDI audio, AES and analogue audio
sources. 1RU high and 100mm deep, it
has two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs as well
as AES and analogue audio inputs.
Users can simultaneously monitor
as many as 16 audio channels in any
combination. Mixes can be created
using any of the available audio
sources, whether embedded in SDI or
presented as AES and/or analogue.
Vizrt's new Tracking Hub 1.1.0 can
record tracking data to be used on any
virtual set at a later date. This can be
done on the single parameters, which

enables the user to correct incorrect
settings and delays later on. Or it can
be done with the final camera matrix
before it is sent to the processor. A
new template system reduces studio
setup time. The rig hierarchy and
special settings for systems such as
Spidercam, Shotoku or TrackMen
are stored in the template. Clicking
a template generates the tracker
driver, the rig hierarchy and all needed
settings. The user only needs to set the
necessary connection settings.
Wasp3D will demonstrate a virtual
set which can be used to composite
computer generated 3D with liveaction video shots against blue/green
backdrops in real-time. Operators can
start with a single engine virtual set
output and later expand to a setup
comprising multiple camera mapped
virtual set engines.


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