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22 | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018


Looking Ahead To CABSAT
Contributing Editor David Kirk ponders the CABSAT date move, the pleasant
Dubai climate, and of course what is billed for this key MENA exhibition...


ABSAT returns to its usual location
in 2018, the Dubai World Trade
Centre, but at a much earlier than
usual date: January 14 to 16 instead of
mid-March. This places it firmly at the
start of the annual show calendar and
conveniently clear of the two London
Canara Lighting's Jagle Panel is an
events: BSC Expo (February 2 to 3) and LED soft light with a 2700K to 12000K
BVE (February 27 to March 1). So what colour temperature range. Features
are the likely attractions at CABSAT include the ability to save and recall
apart from, at this time of year, the system settings plus USB support and
very agreeable climate?
onboard firmware upgrading.
AEQ will exhibit its recently
introduced Phoenix Venus 3
Dante-compatible IP audio codec
which comes with dual Ethernet
ports, RS232 serial ports and
optional 48V DC power. Also on
show will be the Dante-compatible
Crossnet IP intercom matrix which
can accommodate up to 128
Addition: Canon EOS C200
ATEME's Kyrion encoder/decoder is
designed for video contribution over
Canon's EOS C200 camera is a new
satellite and IP networks. Features addition to the 4K Cinema EOS range
include fast-boot, low latency and ABR intended to slot in between the C100
output. A software-upgradable HEVC Mark II and the C300 Mark II. Cinema
encoding option allows UHD video RAW Light format can be used for
streaming as well as MPEG2 to H264 4K recording. This is a derivative of
Cinema RAW but files are reduced to
Brainstorm Multimedia's Neuron between a third and a fifth of the size.
is a MOS-compatible template-based
EVS' X-One is a live video production
graphics composer capable of handling system for small and mid-sized events.
content from many sources. It is It allows a single operator to create
compatible with graphic and templates replays, control audio, cut together
created in Brainstorm products such a live feed using a built-in video
as eStudio or Aston, or in industry- switcher. Graphics can also be added
standard tools such as Adobe to live programming. The X-One is
Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. controlled from a touchscreen.
Once created, templates can be added
FOR-A's HVS-100 portable video
or imported into the system and switcher features mixed HD/SD
modified at any time. Users can log on input, frame synchronising, resizing,
to the system to access templates and 2.5D wipe effects, clip memory, DVE,
update them for subsequent addition chromakeyer and DSK. An integral web
to a schedule.
server allows users to change switcher
Calrec Audio's new Brio12 is a settings from a tablet or PC.
compact 12-fader audio mixer with the
Glensound's Mini Cub USB interface
same features and mix capabilities as is a smaller version of the Cub. It has
the Brio36. It is designed to function as a single audio input (XLR selectable as
a broadcast mixer that can be used in mic, mic+48V phantom or line) plus
tight spaces. At under 450mm Compact:
wide, it can fit into standard Calrec Brio 12
racks or be stowed when not in
use. The Brio12 comes with 12
physical dual-layer faders for
mixing live sources, 48-input
channels and the same bus
count as the Brio36.

Dante: AEQ Phoenix Venus 3

return stereo headphone monitoring
in a 79x93x36mm box. The mini USB
interface is claimed to be waterproof
and dust-proof and the unit itself is
USB powered. Other features are a
dynamics compressor plus a foursegment LED level indicator and
front panel gain control.
Guntermann & Drunck's DPVision-IP provides one network
interface for transmission, web
interface, monitoring, SNMP and
updates. The integrated web
interface lets users configure and
update the device. Plug-and-play
is supported for a console and
a target that are connected via CAT
cable. Transmission over IP makes the
distance for remote access practically

Solo mixing: EVS X-One

Harmonic's Spectrum X softwarebased media server includes graphics,
branding and digital video effects
plus live switching of baseband and
compressed IP sources. It can handle
a range of SD and HD formats up to
1080p and is upgradable to UHD.
SDI and IP inputs and outputs are
Ikegami's HDK-73 is a multi-role HD
HDR camera with full digital processing
designed to deliver broadcast quality
performance at an entrylevel price. The camera's HDR
capabilities, including Hybrid
highcontrast scenes to be televised
with full picture detail across
the entire brightness range from
strong highlights right through

Strategic | Technical | Creative

14-16 JAN 2018

to dark-shaded areas. The camera
uses 2/3-inch 2.6 megapixel 3-CMOS
sensors, each capable of capturing
1920x1080 resolution video at
extremely wide dynamic range. Digital
detail capabilities include independent
horizontal and vertical correction of
red, green and blue detail, chromatic
aberration correction and optional
anti-moiré filtering.
Leader has expanded the feature
set of its LV5333 3G/HD/SD-SDI
waveform monitor with the addition
of measurement facilities for BT.2020
colour space and Full Range Video.
With the addition of Full Range
Video support, the LV5333 portable
waveform monitor can now be used
both in television and digital film
production. Also being introduced is
the LV5333SER02 HDR option which
enables the LV5333 to measure HD
HDR and 2SI 4K in ITU.BT.2100 Hybrid
Log Gamma, Dolby PQ or Sony Slog3 protocols. Available as an option,
Leader's CINEZONE real-time false
colour display, has been
enhanced to support false
colour display of high
dynamic range images,
supporting PQ, HLG Slog-3.
The waveform display now
supports Dolby PQ scales
of 4000, 1000, 400 & 100
cd/m², as well as 800%
and 500% for HLG.
PlayBox Technology will
debut the latest versions of its serverbased Neo and SaaS-based CloudAir
playout solutions. Among new
CloudAir features are a transcoder
capable of handling multiple file
wrappers and formats including
MPG2, H.264, ProRes, DNX HD and
MJPEG. Also to be demonstrated are
an enhanced graphics editor template
preparation interface, improved

Ikegami HDK-73
camera system

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