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APAC NEWS | Vol: 8 - Issue 1 | January 2018

Wohler Upgrades
IND: Wohler equipment is part
of an HD upgrade for TIMES NOW
"We needed to upgrade our
existing audio monitoring units to
keep up with the evolving inputs
used in the industry," said Kalyan
Chakravarthi, Head of Broadcast
Engineering, Times Network.
Wohler equipment includes the
AMP1-8-M used for monitoring SDI
Available across all platforms in
India, TIMES NOW is the country's
leading 24-hour English language
news channel.

NEP Australia
Selects Ross IP
CAN / AUS: NEP Australia has
selected Ross Video as a key
technology partner to support the
shift to all IP-enabled production
infrastructure based on the SMPTE
ST-2110 standard for video over IP.
NEP has purchased multiple
AIMS-compliant solutions from
Ross Video including the recently
announced Newt, a family of pointof-use IP signal converters.
NEP is transitioning to an all-IP
infrastructure for OB and live
production from two IP-enabled
central production hubs in Sydney
and Melbourne.

Danmon Asia
AJA Partner
VNM: Danmon Asia has announced
a distributorship agreement with
AJA Video Systems.
"AJA is known all over the world
for its wide range of video
acquisition, conversion, interfacing
and streaming equipment, offering
flexibility, high performance and
reliability," said Danmon Asia MD
Bjarne Pedersen. The deal marks
a deeper penetration into the
Vietnamese broadcast industry.
Authorised by AJA as a Platinum
Partner, Danmon Asia will be
able to approach a wider range of
customers with AJA products.

Archiware Optimal
Data Protection
TWN / GER: Network storage
provider QNAP Systems, storage
solution manufacturer OverlandTandberg, and data management
expert Archiware have joined
forces to provide the optimal
solution for data protection.
The integration comprises QNAP's
RDX removable disk system and
Archiware's P5 Software Suite.
QNAP's NAS is ranked amongst
the most efficient and flexible,
improving data management.
Overland-Tandberg's RDX is a
popular removable disk system
that provides the user with full
control over their data.

Gearhouse Powers Up
Mountain Bike Event

has provided OB, event
postproduction solutions for the
2017 UCI Mountain Bike World
The 2017 UCI Mountain Bike
World Championships was the
28th edition of the UCI Mountain
Bike World Championships. As
in 2016, the championships
in the various disciplines were
held at separate events. The world
championships in cross-country and
downhill were held recently in Cairns
and Gearhouse Broadcast provided
the broadcast, event comms and postproduction solution.

Gearhouse Broadcast, Event Comms and
HyperActive Broadcast in action at Cairns

Gearhouse Broadcast OB Supervisor
Marcus Doherty said: "We covered
the event in 2016 and identified areas
then where we could improve for the
2017 world championships. These
consisted, primarily, of integrating the

HyperActive Broadcast post
production and Gearhouse
Broadcast Event Comms
sides of our business
into the overall OB and
In total, for the 2017
event, Gearhouse Broadcast
positions, a full event
comms solution across
the entire event and a HyperActive
Broadcast edit facility.
The integration of broadcast and
event comms at the Emergency
Control Centre provided fast response
communication network to assist first

MRMC Celebrates
Tokyo Robo Success

ark Roberts Motion Control
(MRMC) has reported a successful
exhibition at InterBEE 2017 attracting
significant interest from a wide variety
of industry sectors for MRMC camera
Assaff Rawner, CEO at MRMC said:
"Working closely with our Nikon
partners at InterBEE was a great
success for MRMC and we thank our
Nikon colleagues for their support.
With year-on-year growing interest
from the Asian market for MRMC
camera robots and working with our
Nikon partners and distributors, MRMC

and camera robots look forward to an
increased presence in Asian markets
and at Asian exhibitions."
Exhibiting at InterBEE and to the
Asian market, MRMC brought their
AFC-100s robotic camera head, the
Robotic Camera Pod and new Whisper
Head PTZ - a compact, lightning fast
and completely silent weatherproof
camera robot PTZ. Also shown was
the MHC robot controller system
and MRMC Polycam camera tracking
In 2016, MRMC became the
worldwide camera robotics division

MRMC at InterBEE

MRMC Whisper
Head PTZ

of the Nikon Group of companies, and
shared an InterBEE exhibition stand
with Nikon Systems Inc.

AEQ Technology At Asian Indoor Games
shgabat in Turkmenistan hosted
the Fifth Asian Indoor Games,
within the city's Olympic complex,
which includes an International
Broadcasting Center (IBC).
The selected audio commentary
platform was the AEQ Olympia system,
positions, together with microheadphones,
system frames, and software.
The most important software
application is the commentary
CCU) and the system was
tailored to meet the customer's

The complete system included
52 commentary positions, some of
them deployed permanently in 10
fixed locations, while others were
distributed among the venues.
These commentary positions were
connected to 23 BC2000-D frames,

AEQ Olympia system in Ashgabat

which can hold different specialised
modules - system controllers, DSP,
analogue and digital input/output,
MADI Multichannel digital links,
IP intercom and monitoring and
commentary position control cards.
Also, 40 AEQ Phoenix audiocodecs
were installed to transmit the
commentary audio signals from
the IBC to each broadcaster's
central studio in Ashgabat during
the events.
During the two-week event,
more than 10,000 participants
from 17 different Asian and
Oceania countries competed for
medals in 21 different sports.

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