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SHOW PREVIEW | 26-28 June 2018

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This session will cover the case studies from the two broadcasters:
Turner Broadcasting System
Discovery Networks
Roger Franklin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Crystal

(Commercial and Technology Tracks) DAY 2, WEDNESDAY, 27 JUNE 2018
Location: Room 308/309, Level 3, Suntec Singapore

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Chairman's Address


How FOX is Driving Digital Transformation
In today's digital world the ubiquitous nature of content and low cost of distribution coupled
with change is consumer expectations of how and when they consume content is driving
change through the media ecosystem like never before. FOX is pioneering new ways to
connect with consumers on digital through innovative content creation and distribution
strategies, and monetising their digital engagement.
Ashwin Sridhar, Senior Vice President AVOD Digital, FOX Networks Asia




Women In Broadcast: Break into the Media-tech Industry and Climb the Glass
This panel explores how we can promote gender diversity in the broadcast and media
industry. Statistics have shown that a diverse workforce is smarter, more innovative and
more likely to be profitable. As a company, can you play a part by encouraging young
females to join the industry, making the workplace friendly for mothers and ensuring
equal opportunities? As for individuals who are in the broadcast industry today, how can
you contribute and be a role model in promoting gender diversity and increasing female
leadership in your organisation?
Anne Li, Business Analyst, Turner Broadcasting System
Bea Alonso, Business Development Direc tor, Media Logistics, Asia Pacific and Japan,
Debbie Lee, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Tech Storm
Lin Shu Fen, Co-founder, Gluu Life and former Vice President, Entertainment & SmartLife,
Shalu Wasu, Managing Director, Eleven Sports Asia
Moderator: Sadie Groom, Founder, RISE - a Women in Broadcast Group
Orchestrating Virtualized Media Functions for Broadcasters: An Operator's
By 2020 and beyond, we envisage the Broadcast landscape will go through a massive
transformation such as transition to IP-routing, cloud-based playout, video encoding, and
in general, virtualization of media delivery functions. The media industry needs to adopt
standardised best practices and principles, such as TMForum APIs, software-defined
networking, and dynamic provisioning of high bandwidth services. This presentation
covers the ways to tackle the changing media landscape, along with service orchestration
and integration patterns for video delivery. It demonstrates a Media Domain Infrastructure
Orchestrator (MDIO) for processing Virtualized Media Functions (VMFs) at the edge of
the network based on disaggregated microservices, as opposed to a monolithic solution.
The foundational orchestration capabilities could enable a service provider to operate
future Cloud-hosted Broadcast Operations Centre, whereby distributed production and
Cloud encoding cater for high performance deterministic loads of video traffic across a
broadcaster contribution network. Finally, this presentation sets a pathway for reuse of the
presented solution framework by broadcasters and other service providers.
Dr. Mukaddim Pathan, Manager, Media Portfolio - Technology & Architecture, Telstra


DTH Opportunities: Expanding Your Market Reach and Monetisation With OTT
DTH operators were early to the market with TV Everywhere services, enabling some of
their content to be available as a second-screen experience. Very quickly many IP services
emerged, with Netflix being one of the most popular for SVOD and IPTV being the one on
managed networks. Since then consumer behaviors have changed
This session will examine the successful deployment of OTT TV services by DTH operators
as well as the different cloud-based technologies that can be used to launch DTH 2.0
services in a flexible, fast and cost-effective way.
Thierry Fautier, Vice President of Video Strategy, Harmonic


The Price War in the OTT battlefield
With many available OTT players in the market, how do they determine the price point for
their target audiences and what is the differentiating model? Content discovery?
Anurag Dahiya, Head of Content & Ad Sales, Singtel
Emily Wee, Vice President New Media, Telekom Malaysia
Jonas Engwall, Head of Asia, iFlix
Stephane Le Dreau, Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations - APAC, NAGRA
Jon Watts, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, MTM


Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing
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User Experience and Engagement

The World of OTT & VOD - Discover Opportunity for Future User Experience
This session will provide practical insight drawn from client work that W12 Studios has
partnered on, including NOS a leading Portuguese entertainment provider, looking into the
opportunities and challenges of designing OTT experiences. This session will delve into
new formats of content, curation and technology and how to maximise user experience
design to solve many of the long standing pain-points of home entertainment.
Fabian Birgfeld, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, W12 Studios


The Evolution of SuperSoccer: How One Sports Aggregator is Winning at OTT
Video Delivery
A recent report by research and strategy consultancy MTM found that APAC's premium
OTT market will undergo rapid growth by 2019, increasing in revenue by more than a
factor of five in Indonesia. As broadcasters and other content providers in the region
look to capitalize on that revenue and deliver a high-quality streaming experience on the
web, mobile phones and tablets, cloud-based delivery models have emerged as the best
solution. This presentation will explain how SuperSoccer, an Indonesian sports aggregator,
is using a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to stream live soccer matches,
including Serie A Italian league games, as well as compelling non-live content over the web
to subscribers.
Learn the challenges involved with OTT video delivery and the benefits of relying
on a managed SaaS solution for media processing, including the ability to achieve
unprecedented speed, flexibility and agility. Today, SuperSoccer is streaming over 60 live
soccer games a month in superior HD video quality at the lowest possible bit rates.
Joint Presentation:
Senior Representative, SuperSoccer TV
Elson Soong, Business Development Director, Harmonic


Commercial Advantages of using HbbTV
HbbTV enables broadcasters to gain virtually unlimited bandwidth via IP, and stay proactive
to drive audience to access interactive content. This will allow personalised /targeted
advertising, paid or subscription VOD and audience measurement to maximize audience
retention and ancillary revenue. Low cost solutions are available as HbbTV is an open
standard and devices are already widely deployed in many markets.
Teresa Cheung, Managing Director - Hong Kong, Eurofins Digital Testing


China Telecom Hebei Video Service Transformation: New Generation Telco Video
Service to Lead in UX and Engagement
The	OTT	challenge	in	China	and	the	video	transformation	by	China	Telecom	Hebei		
for experience innovation
Leveraging	network	advantage	to	offer	QoS	guaranteed	lightning	fast	UHD		 	
experience with no buffering ("Zero waiting"), multiple angle channel view and
converging every linear TV channel with nonlinear experience.
Personalization	TV	experience	with	AI	and	Big	Data	content	recommendation	to		
adopt the OTT behavior in big screen for better service monetization.
Encompass	Pay	TV	content	with	OTT	services	together	for	"All	in	One"	experience	
to end users as the one stop entertainment hub
The	learning	and	insight	of	the	success	of	China	Telecom	Hebei	to	the	industry.
Ming Chow, Vice President of Business Development, Converged Video Solution Sales &
Marketing, Huawei Technologies

Morning Coffee Break

Location: Room 308/309, Level 3, Suntec Singapore

Chairman's Welcome Address


TV and OTT Monetisation Strategies
TV and OTT companies have long been curating great content, however the challenge of
acquiring and retaining their customer base while successfully monetising their offering
remains. In this session, Paul will provide insight into how OTT companies from around the
world are meeting this challenge head-on and explain how technology is giving TV and OTT
companies the freedom to innovate their digital monetisation strategy, including techniques
such as metered video on demand, single customer view, frictionless billing and predictive
Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, MPP Global

Monetisation Strategies


Resolving Issues With Delivering Linear TV Over-The-Top
Complying with distribution rights sending linear TV channel to OTT providers can be
challenging. Capitalising on Dynamic Ad Replacement can be even more challenging. This
presentation focuses on how companies use SCTE standards when distributing a linear TV
Channel on OTT platforms, so rights are enforced and Ads can be replaced.

* Programme is correct as at press time. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the programme as deemed necessary without prior notice




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