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A New Beginning
continued from page 1... Presenting

the big picture
of TMT and digital convergence, and a
platform for the discovery and understanding
of new frontiers of innovation to elevate
the global standing of Asian businesses
and governments sits at the heart of what
ConnecTechAsia stands for.
We are driving home this promise with an
open invitation to the morning plenary on day
one to all attendees! The morning plenary will
stage speakers from industry giants Alibaba,
Google and Netflix alongside a new CXO panel
on Reshaping the Next-Gen Business Models
and Ecosystem of Tomorrow with Digital
Transformation featuring top executives from
the TMT ecosystem.
BroadcastAsia as two separate events for
many years, consolidating the exhibition and
conference under ConnecTechAsia has been
transformative and disruptive. It has allowed
us to plan an event that truly reflects the
converging spaces of TMT to serve our core

audience, while at the same time building a
brand new segment that is representative of
the fast-changing business landscape being
disrupted by new pervasive technologies.
We certainly hope that this new concept,
and bringing the industries together will
translate to a better and rewarding event
experience for the discovery of new ideas and
innovations, networking and forging business
partnerships across different sectors.
New opportunities to engage, explore
and experience: Besides the exhibition and
conference, there are many activities and
exciting onsite engagements across both
venues that are relevant to all attendees.
Visitors should not miss Big Bang at
NXTAsia, a brand new one-day unconference
style experience, spotlighting disruptive
solutions and new ideas from leading minds

in AI, Robotics, Industry 4.0 and future
industries. Speakers include key leaders from
UBTech, University of Tokyo and Siemens
Digital Factory among others.
At BroadcastAsia, the new
Esports Arena Studio that will
host the first-ever Southeast
Asian League (SEAL) is also not
to be missed. In partnership with WeOne, a
blockchain-based esports tournament and
gaming platform, and esports organiser
Cresmos, attendees have an all-access
view of the games and will learn what
transpires behind-the-scenes at esports
events. Featuring a three-day live streamed
Hearthstone tournament, the Esports Arena
Studio will allow attendees to interact with
acclaimed esports personalities, players,
commentators as well as get to witness realtime production, graphics, audio, encoding,
and transmission of the esports tournament.
In creating many opportunities at one
mega event across two venues to engage,
share and learn, I do encourage all visitors to
ConnecTechAsia to take time to visit, explore,
and discover new possibilities at both Marina
Bay Sands and Suntec Singapore.

Phillip Izzard
Publishing Coordinator
Bryn Lister
Steven Preston
News Editor
Jacqueline Purse
Aimee-Rose Merrigan
Client Liaison Manager APAC
Fiona Blake
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Tim Whiteside
Rebecca Lister - Jacqueline Lister
Ashley Blankenship - Kalee Hewlett
Declan Green - Feilimí O'Connor
Video Editing
Daniel Butler - Adam Alsybury
Brendan Morris

The Roadmap to Launch 5G in Asia
For businesses, this
presents new monetisation opportunities - at
1,000 times faster than 4G, 5G could deliver
smooth, HD content in seconds and redefine
audience engagement with real-time targeting.
For consumers, 5G technology could
mean a real perceivable difference over 4G
technology. By providing the processing
capability and ultra-low latency required for
the consumer to fully experience a service
offering, 5G could change the face of AR/VR,
as well as gaming in the most fundamental
way, particularly in Southeast Asia that is
home to a booming esports and gaming
A fully connected world could also be made
possible where a massive number of devices
can be connected simultaneously, enabled by
5G. The capability of 5G networks to manage
large quantities of data at high speeds will
realise full potential of IoT, in smart sensors,
wearables, and other devices.
Getting on board: Countries like China,
South Korea and Japan are in the process
of rolling out 5G across their cities, with
other countries across Asia expressing keen
interest to do so. However, successful 5G
implementation within each country is an
open question.
While countries such as China are well
placed to develop and implement 5G, for
developing countries this could prove to be
a challenge, where demand for 5G services
is finite or limited. Though possible for
continued from page 1...

Quah Mei Lee, Frost & Sullivan

developing nations to leap frog to 5G, a key
question to consider is the need for 5G within
and beyond government driven initiatives,
particularly given that costs remain a limiting
factor and that mobile network operators
are assessing the capabilities of 4G before
deciding to invest in 5G to supplement it.
Getting everyone on board 5G initiatives
could prove to be a hurdle too. Although 5G
is fast gaining momentum, businesses are yet
to see the immediate need for 5G until its full
benefits and opportunities for monetisation
become apparent.
This could delay integration of 5G into
solutions and service offerings. Similarly,
consumers still hold a 'wait-and-see'
approach until 5G-enabled devices and



solutions are able to transform their lives in an
impactful way.
Stepping Stones: Despite the hurdles, early
developments in 5G are already revealing
new, exciting opportunities that are proving
5G's potential in various use scenarios and
allow us to go truly 'wireless'.
Mobile network operators play a crucial role
in the success in its implementation. However
it is necessary for them to understand the
need and therefore demand for 5G and focus
on industries that can bring them the best
In line with this, support from governments
and working with other stakeholders within
the ecosystem will be crucial to pushing 5G
in their markets.
In the future, the possibility of a mobile
network that is seamless, converged and
offering end to end services at the right price
points could be a reality. Along with this,
the leading edge use of artificial intelligence
to drive safe and secure real time service
offerings could also become a real possibility.
The dream of an ultra-connected, efficient
society is already in the making, and if a
smarter and more connected world is the
future, then 5G could be the highway to get
us there.

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Quah Mei Lee, Industry Principal - ICT Practice
APAC, Frost & Sullivan is moderating the panel
Disruptors Dialogue: Breaking Free from
the Connectivity-Driven Competition at the
ConnecTechAsia Summit, NetworkComms Track

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