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editor’s letter 07 WELCOME TO JOBS & CAREERS elcome to your regional edition of Jobs & Careers. If you’re looking for work, in the current climate it helps to be able to cast your net as widely as possible in terms of location. But perhaps responsibilities mean you can’t just pull up stakes and relocate at the drop of a hat – or maybe you have your heart set on a particular part of the country. Well, if that part of the country is Wales you’ve come to the right place... Over the next pages, we provide an in-depth look at what the region has to o er in terms of available jobs and up-and-coming sectors, as well as presenting some of the companies hiring right now, and a brief pro le of the region itself and its relative strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking to get onto – or back onto – the employment ladder in Wales the next few pages could turn into the start of a wonderful – and extremely rewarding – journey... HAPPY HUNTING! W 11 Jamie Liddell EDITOR 12 EDITOR Jamie Liddell FEATURES EDITOR Jessie Bland EDITORIAL IN THIS ISSUE… 04 THE FAIRY JOBMOTHER Hayley Taylor talks superheroes, self-esteem and solutions in this exclusive interview with Jobs & Careers... DESIGN ART EDITOR Andrea Mitchell SENIOR DESIGNER Stella Kwok DESIGNER Ellie Allen-Eslor PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Dahlia Cuby PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Kelly Lever, Athena Demetriou ADVERTISING MEDIA PROJECT MANAGER Jake Biggin PRODUCTION 11 FOSTER A CAREER Becoming a foster carer isn’t only an opportunity to better the life of a child, it’s a chance to build a rewarding career. MARKETING & CIRCULATION 07 THE BURN TO LEARN Find out how studying for further quali cations and improving your skill set could help you land a job. 12 REGIONAL GUIDE Get to grips with the opportunities and growth industries local to you in our guide to Wales... HEAD OF DIGITAL Al Tepper WEB PRODUCER Kyri Theodorou MARKETING MANAGER Dave Louca TEL 020 8444 3401 FAX 020 8883 9504 EMAIL PUBLISHED BY EMP This is an EMP publication. EMP gratefully acknowledge the support of the media partners along with the businesses and organisations whose advertisements have appeared in this publication. The media partners cannot show any preference towards EMP over any other business. EMP is not responsible for the quality of the products or services advertised in this publication.Copyright of editorial contents is held by EMP plc. Reproduction in part or whole is forbidden except with the express permission of the publisher. It is not the intention to print any matter that disriminates on the grounds of race, sex or disablement. 03

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Jobs and Careers - Wales 2012/13