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IN FOCUS Cras vestibulum neque a magna interdum ullamcorper euismod London South The diversity of industry strengths in South London is driven by the subregions within the area: strong nance and businesses services sit alongside growth in the creative industries, the public sector and a specialised food cluster… Finance hub The City of London is dominated by knowledge-intensive industries such as nancial services and the professional and estate sector, with 134,600 and 75,900 employees in 2009 respectively – and with international renown enjoys a thriving nancial trade. The nancial sector dominates employment in the City of London, and although it has experienced a dip due to the recession, is expected to recover strongly and reassert itself as one of the strongest sub-regions for nancial and business services in the UK. Creative and knowledge-based services The creative industries are forecast to be a signi cant area of growth in South West London, with an important business cluster of creative companies identi ed in Richmond upon Thames. Creative industries are de ned as those covering music, lms, games, books and services such as advertising, marketing and PR. Richmond upon Thames hosts 23% of South London’s creative industry, and was estimated to provide 11,500 jobs in 2008. The London Development Agency’s economic development strategy has forecast knowledgebased businesses (businesses where at least 25% of employees are graduates) as an important driver for the borough of Lambeth, including ICT, printing, creative industries and telecommunications. 13

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Jobs and Careers - South London 2012/13