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ur health is precious. We all know it, but most of us are guilty of taking it for granted – until something goes wrong, that is. It often takes a wake-up call for us to stop and take stock. It’s a cliché, but listening to your body is vital – what it needs is regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet, plus relaxation and sleep. When I met our guest editor, Dr Hilary Jones, he looked the picture of health – another cliché, I realise, but he was relaxed from a recent holiday (where he’d eaten a healthy Mediterranean diet; his diet of choice year-round) and looking slim and trim, a result of taking regular exercise – squash is a particular favourite of his, as is running. He firmly advocates exercise as our greatest insurance policy for long-term, good health, and believes we should all incorporate the ethos of a holiday (rest, good sleep, fresh air) into our daily lives. In the following pages you’ll find advice not only on health and wellbeing but an invaluable section featuring leading consultants in your area, in medical specialties from cancer and cosmetic surgery to obstetrics, orthopaedics and more. So, if the time comes when you do need medical treatment, you’ll know where to find some of the best specialists available in your region. There’s also a reader section where your own burning health questions are expertly answered by Dr Hilary. Whatever life stage you’re at, it’s important to understand every part of your body and treat it with a little TLC. I trust this magazine will help you to do just that – and I hope the rest of 2012, and next year, is a fit and healthy time for you and your family! O Welcome Editor, Jo Willacy Inside this issue – don't miss... HEALING ON HOLIDAY The coastal retreat where cancer patients can rest and relax in peace; pg 9 It’s time to get serious about tackling our rising obesity problem in the UK; pg19 EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS FITNESS FOR FREE Celebrity fitness trainer, Dee Thresher, on 10 exercises that don’t cost a penny; pg22 Editorial EXECUTIVE EDITOR Dr Hilary Jones GROUP EDITOR Rashmi Madan EDITOR Jo Willacy DEPUTY EDITOR Georgina Maric CHIEF SUB-EDITOR Lynne Maxwell JUNIOR SUB-EDITOR Holly Quayle FEATURES WRITER Jessie Bland THANKS TO Catherine Francis, Eve Boggenpoel Copy PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Dahlia Cuby PRODUCTION CONTROLLERS Lucy Mouzouris, Athena Demetriou Online Media Art HEAD OF DIGITAL Al Tepper MULTI MEDIA DEVELOPER Kyri Theodorou MARKETING AND CIRCULATION MANAGER Dave Louca LICENSING Jonathan Marks, MTC (UK) Ltd ACCOUNTS MANAGER Tara Rahman DISTRIBUTION Comag Specialists PUBLISHING SERVICES Arkle Ltd PRINT Precision Colour Printing Ltd THANKS TO Kim Chapman, Dee Thresher EMP MEDIA LTD, EMP House, Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 2HR TEL 020 8444 3401 FAX 020 8883 9504 CUSTOMER SERVICES HELPLINE 020 8442 0178 EMAIL editorial@emp.plc.uk WEBSITES www.athomemagazine.co.uk www.empgroup.co.uk GROUP ART EDITOR Victoria Hill ART EDITOR Stella Kwok SENIOR DESIGNERS Conrad Holding, Andrea Mitchell JUNIOR DESIGNER Ellie Allen-Eslor Advertising Corporate PROJECT DIRECTOR Mark Kastly CIRCULATION Roma Katten Dr Hilary Jones’ Healthcare guide is published by Emp Media Ltd PUBLISHER/MANAGING DIRECTOR Daniel Cuby PA TO PUBLISHER/MD Filippa Woolf © Dr Hilary Jones' Healthcare guide - Essex, Kent and Sussex. Copyright of editorial contents are held by EMP MEDIA Ltd. The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of Dr Hilary Jones or the publisher. Dr HIlary Jones is not endorsing any product or company in this publication. Reproduction in whole or part is forbidden except with the express permission of the publisher. It is not the intention to print any matter that discriminates on the grounds of race, sex, sexuality or disability. All details, info and prices are correct at the time of going to press. 006 Dr Hilary Jones’ Healthcare guide – Essex, Kent and Sussex http://www.athomemagazine.co.uk http://www.empgroup.co.uk

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editor’s letter
A healthy hello from Dr Hilary
NEWS and views
the big interview
Question time
A weighty issue
fitness for free
Top nosh
Make the right decision
choosing the best
breast cancer
cosmetic surgery
Ear, nose and throat
obstetrics and gynaecology
oral surgery

Dr Hilary Jones' Healthcare Guide - Essex, Kent & Sussex