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eat well doctor’s 1 Mussels and oysters ContaIn: Protein, zinc, Good for: a low-fat source of protein that can help to fight against strokes. Why I love It: ‘I love all types of fish, but my favourites are mussels and oysters. When I go to france, I always choose moules frites in restaurants – they're irresistible.’ calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and magnesium. Dr Hilary’s diet is a varied affair. Here are his absolute menu must-haves orders 2 A glass of red wine 3 Rhubarb crumble 4 ContaIns: antioxidants. Good for: Heart health and reducing cholesterol in the blood vessels. Why I love It: ‘My absolute favourite red wine is amarone della valpolicella – it's just a really lovely wine. and I have a penchant for a good bottle of claret, too. I also enjoy a glass of Champagne – in moderation, of course!’ Slice of fruit cake ContaIns: calcium, lutein and antioxidants. get your just desserts Contains: antioxidants and flavonols. Good for: Boosting blood flow and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in adults. Why I love it: ‘I love all chocolate, but especially dark chocolate and bars with fruit and nuts in them. However, there’s one thing I just don’t understand and that’s when people mix chocolate with things, such as strawberries. I know a lot of people enjoy that but I just don’t get it!’ n A small amount of dark chocolate is the perfect guilt-free treat vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e and dietary fibre. ContaIns: antioxidants, Good for: lowering blood cholesterol levels and the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Why I love It: ‘I just love the flavour of this juicy fruit – it’s great on its own or in a salsa with savoury meals. Plus, it’s really high in fibre, so is great for digestion.’ 026 Dr Hilary Jones’ Healthcare guide – Essex, Kent and Sussex words: holly Quayle, Jo Willacy | PHotograPHs: Getty Images 5 Good for: Potentially fighting off cancer cells. Why I love It: ‘I’ve always enjoyed eating rhubarb although I realise it’s quite an acquired taste! I liked eating it even as a child – and I still love it in a crumble. My mum makes a really delicious one. I also adore rhubarb jam.’ ContaIns: Fibre, iron, protein and healthy fats. Good for: reduced cholesterol levels and an increase in energy. Why I love It: ‘My favourite is homemade fruit cake – or iced Christmas cake during the festive season. thankfully none of my children are keen on it which means there’s always more for me!’ Fresh mango

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editor’s letter
A healthy hello from Dr Hilary
NEWS and views
the big interview
Question time
A weighty issue
fitness for free
Top nosh
Make the right decision
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breast cancer
cosmetic surgery
Ear, nose and throat
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Dr Hilary Jones' Healthcare Guide - Essex, Kent & Sussex