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BA LA NC E EDITORIAL Editor Sophie Scott Chief Sub-Editor Lynne Maxwell Sub-Editors Natalie Bowen, David Crozier Welcome Editorial Assistant Abi Harman Creative Director Kate Monument Art Director Victoria Ireland Sometimes stopping people/plans/ things in their tracks is the only way to restore a sense of equilibrium and make room for what you really want. Contrary to a lot of pop psychology literature, which promotes that you should jump at every opportunity, learning to say 'No' is essential for wellbeing (unless it involves plenty of fun). I realised the power of those two big letters while holidaying in Ibiza over the summer; 'No, I will not put down this G&T to respond to any more emails'. It led me to think, more seriously, about all the times people had said 'No' to me in my life. As I recalled all the tears and temper tantrums when things hadn't gone my way, I realised how my attitude to rejection and failure has changed over the years. These days when someone says 'No' to me, a small part of me rejoices because it brings me that much closer to the person who will say 'Yes'. In the meantime, I focus on refining my goal. So here it is: if you want to break the mould in anything you do - just ask our cover star, David Gandy, a man who's encountered more than his fair share of setbacks - say 'No' when something doesn't feel right and thank others when they do the same to you. It's often the difference between failure and success. Sophie Scott THE BALANCE Editor EQUATION Senior Designers Holly Hall, Elton Lam, Natalie Samuelson Picture Editors Leanne Bracey, Desney Ryan Production Director Dahlia Cuby Production Assistant Pippa Thompson Thanks to Gemma Calvert, Hannah Dakin, Kia Hansen, Sarah Howe, Dean Piper TRADING Commercial Director Minal Bhima Advertising/Creative Solutions Nick Canane, Robin Chalk, Lindi De Souza, Shifali Kulisra, Debra Ridley, Julia Roberto, Jeremy Saunders Corporate Partnerships Olivia Harper CIRCULATION Circulation and Distribution Magazine Heroes, Roma Katten CORPORATE Finance Manager Tara Rahman Customer Services Manager Gary Headley BALANCE PUBLISHING LTD   Editorial Director Rashmi Madan Licensing Jonathan Marks COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: NINA DUNCAN. EDITOR'S PHOTOGRAPHY: IAKOVOS KALAITZAKIS Publisher/Managing Director Daniel Cuby BE PRESENT GAIN INSIGHT FEAR LAUGH LIVE WELL PA to Publisher/Managing Director Filippa Woolf Administration Assistant Rachel Scullion Balance Publishing Ltd, Central House, 1 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London N3 1LQ CONTRIBUTORS Tel 020 8444 3401 Fax 020 8883 9504 Customer Services Helpline 020 8442 0178 Bill Burnett Life designer Executive director of the Design Programme at Stanford University, California, projects Bill has worked on include Apple Power Books and Star Wars action figures. Oenone CrossleyHolland Writer & teacher Decision-making quiz master Oenone started training as a psychotherapist, thanks to a series of dreams. She finally just pierced her nose. Nina Duncan Photographer Jani White Hormone specialist Will Ireland Photographer New York-born Nina loves nothing more than travelling, the Rat Pack and telling stories through pictures. In this issue, she photographs her friend, David Gandy. Jani proves that conception should be a sexy subject matter. Her approach is for 'All Ages - All Stages' - men and women looking to get pregnant, read on. From photographing people on the streets of London to shooting musicians' portraits, Will welcomes the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. September 2016 BALAN CE Balance Copyright of editorial contents are held by Balance Publishing Ltd. The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher. Reproduction in whole or part is forbidden except with the express permission of the publisher. It is not the intention to print any matter that discriminates on the grounds of race, sex, sexuality or disability. All details, and prices, are correct at the time of going to press. The Balance equation is a device and not mathematically correct. 3

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