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C HO O SING A MASK meets your skin's needs at any given time. Simply apply a Facial Mask for 10 minutes, then kick back and relax while the mask does all the hard work for you. Applying a mask two to three times a week will help you achieve optimal skin-boosting results. You could, for example, use the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask on an oil-prone T-Zone combined with the British Rose Fresh Plumping Skin Mask on cheeks. MAKE THE MOST OF MASK TIME Allowing yourself some 'me-time' will also give your wellbeing - as well as your skin - a boost. Whether you relax with a magazine, meditate or give yourself a DIY manicure while your skin soaks up the goodness from your mask, with The Body Shop Facial Masks, your skincare and your time are in your own hands... H Y DRATE ME NOU RIS H ME B RIG HT EN ME BRITISH ROSE FRESH PLUMPING MASK ETHIOPIAN HONEY DEEP NOURISHING MASK CHINESE GINSENG & RICE CLARIFYING POLISHING MASK Infused with naturallyderived ingredients, including essence of hand-picked British rose petals, omega-rich Chilean rosehip oil and Community Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico, this refreshing gel mask is designed to give a moisture boost to help create a dewy glow. Formulated to help skin feel soft and smooth and inspired by African healing and soothing rituals, this indulgent melting honey mask blends Community Trade honey from Ethiopia, cold-pressed marula oil from Namibia and organic olive oil from Italy. Helping to combat dullness, this naturally exfoliating, brightening mask is based on Chinese skincare traditions. Combining naturallyderived ingredients sourced from north east Asia and South America including ginseng extract and Community Trade organic sesame seed oil. E NERGIS E ME P UR IFY ME AMAZONIAN ACAI ENERGISING RADIANCE MASK HIMALAYAN CHARCOAL PURIFYING GLOW MASK The rituals of Amazonian tribes influence this juicy fresh mask, blended to help combat signs of stress and fatigue. Ingredients include açai berry extract, guarana seed extract and Community Trade organic babassu oil, all from Brazil. Formulated to help release impurities and reveal a youthful glow, this tingling mud mask is inspired by Ayurvedic traditions. Ingredients include bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills, green tea leaves from Japan and Community Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya. September 2016 BALAN CE E FREPLE SAM COLLECT YOUR FREE HIMALAYAN CHARCOAL PURIFYING MASK Head to your nearest branch of The Body Shop to collect a free sample of the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Mask*. Post your facemask selfie on Instagram #DARETOMASK and you could even receive a surprise treat. *one per customer in participating UK stores while stocks last ©2016 THE BODY SHOP INTERNATIONAL PLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ABSOLUTELY NO REPRODUCTION WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE OWNERS. ®REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF THE BODY SHOP INTERNATIONAL PLC. GO ONLINE Discover more, including recipes and how-to videos, at: beauty-recipes The skincare experts at The Body Shop have devised a range of masks for every skin type and goal. Choose from...

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