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M AK I N G YO U R M IND UP Quiz START HERE the For each statement below, answer: A 1. You're miserable in your job. Do you... A Continue to lament that you ended up in a role you have to drag yourself to? B Hand in your resignation the moment you acknowledge that you're unhappy? C Meet with your boss to talk over what could change in your position, start looking through job ads, or book a session with a careers coach? VOX POPS WORDS: PIPPA THOMPSON VOX POPS PHOTOGRAPHY: WILL IRELAND 2. You're invited to a drinks party by someone you don't know particularly well. Do you... A Wait until the day of the event to see whether you feel like attending? B Say yes, but then find you're already committed to something else that night? C Think about whether you really want to attend the party, check your diary and reply to the host promptly? 3. You have a looming deadline at work. Do you... A Get a sinking feeling whenever you think about the project and procrastinate until the last possible moment, then finish it in a mad rush? B Complete the project in advance but then have a crisis of confidence and spend hours changing it all? C Create a schedule for completing the project within the time you have left? 4. You are dating someone. They have many lovely qualities but don't meet all of your requirements for a potential life partner. Do you... A Continue dating, but keep an eye on other dating app profiles, meet up with that friend of a friend, and avoid any conversations about exclusivity? B Start mentally planning the wedding, children and move to the country? C Take a long, hard look at where you are and make a decision based on your values? B C 5. At a new restaurant, you're faced with a menu that offers lots of desirable-sounding dishes. Do you... A Hold off ordering until the last moment and negotiate with your fellow diners so you can try a little of each of their dishes? B Glance at the menu and plump for the first thing that catches your attention? C Consider what choices you would be unlikely to cook at home and go for the most appetising option? 6. You need to send a birthday card this week. Do you... A Never even manage to buy the card, let alone send it in time? B Miss the last post, so call a florist and order an expensive bunch of flowers? C Buy a card, write a nice message and pop it in the postbox? 9. It's the weekend and dozens of small jobs need your attention. Do you... A Make a list of all you need to do and then spend the rest of the day ignoring it? B Jump when a friend calls and suggests a diversion? C Choose the three most important tasks, do them and take the rest of the day off ? 10. You need to buy a car. Do you... A Trawl eBay, visit garages, consult everyone, make test-driving cars your new weekend hobby... then defer committing? B Hear a friend of a friend is selling an MG Midget, get in touch and buy it unseen? C Work out a budget, call a friend who knows about cars and purchase something affordable and practical? 11. Things haven't been going well in your relationship for what feels like 7. Ignoring your instincts, you quite a while. Do you... A Studiously ignore the issues, hoping follow the advice of your friends and family and make a decision that that your partner might make things easier you very quickly regret. Do you... for you and call it quits first? A Ignore all the feelings of doubt you have B Allow the flirtations with someone at and continue on the chosen path. work to develop before jumping out of the B Hold all those who advised you old relationship and straight into a new, accountable for the bad decision and monogamous one? C Pause to explore your fears and wishes vow never to ignore your instincts again. C Accept that, though you allowed yourself before taking any further steps? to be influenced, the decision was ultimately yours and you are the only one who can 12. You have a life-changing decision get yourself out of the mess you are in. to make. Do you... A Feel anxious every time you remember 8. You want to get a tattoo. Do you... the decision is on the horizon and turn A Wait and see if you end up in a tattoo your attention to something less taxing? B Figure you're not going to feel happy parlour with a friend? B Wake up one morning to discover on a with either option, so plunge head first for crazy night out you ended up getting what the option that has the edge? C Put time aside to think, looks like a Chinese character tattooed on K to your shoulder? And a new piercing? talk to trusted friends CHEC UR C Create a Pinterest board of designs you O whose views you respect, OUT Y like and book yourself a consultation with and give yourself space to TS L RESUe page a tattoo artist? make the best decision? h t n r Tu to n how to lear ll e w e choos September 2016 BALAN CE 11

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